McCabe Can’t Be This Stupid. Who Are The Higher Ups He’s Willing to Take the Fall For? Stunning Exposure of Mainstream Media Propaganda

Elder Patriot – The confession by corrupt former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe in front of  a national television audience on Sunday night was stunning. He admitted to committing crimes that would put him in prison for the remainder of his life.

Perhaps his admission was too stunning.  Nobody can be that stupid. He admitted to discussing removing the president through provisions in the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, not just in passing but on multiple occasions.

For the senior official at the FBI to have allowed himself to be involved in multiple discussions, over a strategy that doesn’t fall within the purview of law enforcement, revealed a level of desperation that goes beyond simply not liking – or even detesting – the new president.

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment deals explicitly with a president who is physically, or mentally, unable to fulfill his or her duties.  It is left up to the president’s cabinet to make that decision. No one else. No other governmental entity.

The avenue for removing a president open to investigative agencies, like the FBI, is to present the evidence of “high crimes or misdemeanors” to Congress where members of the House can make the decision whether to bring impeachment charges, or not.

Roll back the clock to early last year.  Not only didn’t the mainstream propaganda media not question the legality of invoking the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, they actually facilitated the viability of it by injecting the possibility into the minds of Americans.

In retrospect, this was in keeping with the media’s blind devotion to promoting and protecting Manchurian President Barack Obama from the time he first announced his candidacy.

So what was going on around the time of the push to remove President Trump, using the Twenty-Fifth Amendment, that would make seasoned LEO agents so obviously overstep their authority and risk spending the rest of their lives in prison?

What could be so important?  And, please don’t answer they “didn’t like Trump.”  That just doesn’t pass the smell test. One man? Not likely, but okay.  The entire executive offices of the DOJ and the FBI? No way. They were hiding something.

And, why would the Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, allow himself to be a party to such treasonous skulduggery?  Again, why would so many others inside the FBI and Main Justice willingly participate in an unconstitutional and treasonous plot?

Hatred of this president?  Really? Please.

They knew that they were attempting a coup against President Trump – a case can easily be made that the plot to destroy Donald Trump’s presidential campaign began almost as soon as he announced in June of 2015 – and they were well aware of the consequences if they failed.

What would drive that level of desperation?  Certainly not a difference of opinion over political issues.  The shear number of conspirators inside the DOJ, the FBI, and other agencies, that have been exposed makes it impossible to accept the excuse that they simply didn’t like the man.

Dislike, hatred, or policy disagreements, are not reasons to abuse the authority they were entrusted with.  Think about what that would mean. The FBI determines who to investigate and who to give a pass to based on the target’s likeability?

That excuse doesn’t pass the smell test.  Hillary Clinton wasn’t likeable on anyone’s likeability scale.

This begs the question; who were the DOJ and FBI protecting?

America from Russia?  Democrats have been colluding with Russia for decades.  Obama and Hillary signed off on the sale of Uranium One to Russia, not Trump.  Obama and Hillary transferred cyber technology to Russia (Skolkovo) not Trump.

How deeply were these corrupt agents themselves already involved, either directly or indirectly, in protecting, or ignoring, the corruption of the Obama administration that led them to feel they had no choice but to end Trump’s presidency before he exposed them, and the much bigger fish – Obama and the globalist cabal?

More than a year ago, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs released its interim report entitled, “The Clinton Email Scandal And The FBI’s Investigation of It.”

From the Executive Summary:

Following the November 2016 election, President-elect Trump announced that his Justice Department would not pursue any further action against former Secretary Clinton—the voters had held her accountable.1 Chairman Johnson agreed with this decision and considered the matter closed.

However, because of the Justice Department and the FBI’s unusual

management of the investigation and intrusion into the electoral process, charges of politicization arose from both sides of the political spectrum.


The Justice Department produced a first tranche of text messages on December 12, 2017, and a second tranche on January 19, 2018.5

Although sometimes cryptic and disjointed due to their nature, these text messages raise several questions about the FBI and its investigation of classified information on Secretary Clinton’s private email server. Strzok and Page discussed serving to “protect the country from the menace” of Trump “enablers,” and the possibility of an “insurance policy” against the “risk” of a Trump presidency. The two discussed then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch knowing that Secretary Clinton would not face charges—before the FBI had interviewed Secretary Clinton and before her announcement that she would accept Director Comey’s prosecution decision. They wrote about drafting talking points for then-Director Comey because President Obama “wants to know everything we’re doing.” Strzok and Page also exchanged views about the investigation on possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign—calling it “unfinished business” and “an investigation leading to impeachment,” drawing parallels to Watergate, and expressing Strzok’s “gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

President Obama “wants to know everything we’re doing.”

This text message links the scandal directly to the White House.  Even if the president hadn’t given the initial orders to conduct these crimes, these crimes amounted to a criminal conspiracy that were conducted with his full knowledge.

There is also no evidence that President Obama did anything to stop this conspiracy – or to stop those involved in it – from continuing to subvert the rule of law, the spirit of the law, or the long-term damage that would result from it.

It defies logic that, once the Clinton email scandal had been disposed of, a group of at least two dozen agents came together and carried out an extensive plot first against candidate Trump, and then against President Trump without having been ordered to by higher ups.

That’s especially hard to explain in light of this text message from the lead agent investigation Donald Trump, Peter Strzok:

“My gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

We now know that was more than eight months after Strzok first began his investigation of Donald Trump.

Here’s the entire exchange between Strzok and Page for context:

Strzok Page Text Messages 5… by on Scribd

That means that McCabe also knew there was no there, there, at the time he and Rosenstein met to discuss other avenues for removing President Trump from office.

Their desperation was manifested in the appointment of a special counsel.

The fact that we knew this more than a year ago should trouble every American who cherishes the rule of law, equal justice under the law, and who count on the mainstream media to give us the truth – or at least attempt to provide the truth.

Where was the mainstream media?  They were running interference for the Obama-Clinton criminal enterprise.  And, they had to have known that’s what they were doing because we figured it out with only a fraction of the resources they have.

There is no excuse for the mainstream media refusal to report these facts.  We filed this account, entitled “Obama Knew Everything,” on February 9, 2018.

We had no sources inside any government agency or newsroom to rely on.  We didn’t have access to any Trump administration associates to inform us.  We used the internet exclusively to do all of our research.

For our diligence, we were branded fake news, and Facebook severely limited our ability to spread the truth.

Over the past year, instead of the internet expanding our access to both, legitimate information sources and our followers to us, we’ve experienced ever tightening conditions.  Google search results have made the truth, and access to government archives harder to come by, and Facebook continues throttling our reach.

Why hasn’t the government stepped in to set things straight?  The answer to that question becomes apparent once you accept the level of criminal activity and corruption that had become the norm in the eight years of the Obama presidency.

To assume that all of this corrupt, and apparently coordinated, activity was occurring without the guidance of the Obama White House is beyond naive and willfully dismisses the extent of those closest to Obama who had been engaged in extensive unmasking of Trump associates.

President Obama could not risk a Trump presidency that stood to expose all of his crimes against the American people and the Constitution.

But what about the media?  Why did it allow itself to be corrupted?

Credibility issues after eight years of ignoring the obvious corruption of the Obama administration?


But consider that a look back to the lame duck Congress’ funding of a Ministry of Truth hidden within the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, might provide answers as well.  Manchurian President Obama signed it into law almost immediately.

Eighty million dollars that were allocated for a Global Engagement Center.  WTF is that if not a Ministry of Truth that could be used to empower the corrupt Washington cabal who are intent on censuring and even criminalizing penalties for news sources they deem to be spreading “fake news.”

Think of it as another tool with which to punish whistleblowers.

The future of our republic now comes down to the integrity of President Trump’s new Attorney General, William Barr.  Barr is the only man in a position to conduct the wholesale cleansing necessary at Main Justice and the FBI necessary to restore the integrity of those agencies.