Marxist/Democrats Move to Steal Florida Elections

Elder Patriot – The leftist shit show has moved to Florida in an effort to overturn legitimate election results for Governor, a U.S. Senate seat, and other statewide officials.  This was totally predictable given the blatant signals Senate Democrats sent during the hearings for the confirmation of judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Democrats reliance on orchestrated disruption and vile lies to block a Constitutionalist nominee to the Supreme Court was not only appalling but revealing.

That should have made it abundantly clear to voters that Democrats not only reject Constitutional government but that they fear it.  And, that they are prepared to resort to any means necessary to achieve their goals.

Now these Democrat-Marxists have moved to overturn the election of Ron DeSantis (Governor) and Rick Scott (U.S. Senator) in Florida.

Broward and Palm Beach counties are rife with corrupt Democrat officials who operate without regard to law.  Advancing the leftist agenda by any means necessary has been, and is the rule for these Dem-Marxists.

Even more appalling, they actively work to create policies that invite tragedy solely to move the leftist agenda.  The entirely preventable mass murders in Parkland that were cultivated, and then seized upon, to advance the left’s anti-Second Amendment agenda stands as an example.

This brings us to Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes who is at the center of the tranches of newly “discovered” ballots.  Snipes has been using her office to influence statewide and national elections since before 2016.

Last night current Florida Governor Rick Scott (also Florida’s U.S. Senator elect) officially identified Snipes and Democrat operatives for engaging in election fraud.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio also outlined the anomalies we are witnessing during a series of tweets yesterday:

Florida law enforcement has been called in to restore order.  But, as Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse has noted:

Brenda Snipes keeps “her people” working to produce ballots until law enforcement arrive.  Once she is confronted she shouts “racism”, and officials back away allowing the corruption to continue.  This process has worked very well for her in the past and she is openly compensated by left-wing political operations for her efforts.  In the 2016 election the Hillary Clinton campaign paid Brenda Snipes to send two ballots to every democrat.

Once she is confronted she shouts “racism”, and officials back away allowing the corruption to continue.

This corruption is being repeated in Georgia and Arizona and very well might’ve been employed in other states like Michigan and Montana.

Trust President Trump to defend the integrity of these elections.  The president has forewarned those who intended to game the system that maximum civil and criminal penalties would be imposed.

The betting here is that, at least when it comes to Florida, Trump’s DOJ has been waiting for Democrats to walk right into their trap.