Mark Cuban’s Dire Prediction About A Trump Presidency: Warning or Looking To Make Money at Your Expense?

ELDER PATRIOT – Are the stock markets rigged? Mark Cuban believes they are and that fact plays a major role in guiding his investment decisions.

Cuban visited with Neil Cavuto of Fox News this past week where he warned listeners that if Donald Trump were to win the presidency the stock market would immediately crash.

That puts him in the same company as IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde who warned that a vote to Brexit the European Union would result in an economic calamity for the Brits:

We all know by now that Ms. Lagarde’s dire forecast proved to be completely wrong. The London Stock Exchange FTSE 100 has performed quite admirably since the British voters asserted their independence from the EU as the chart below, taken from their website, shows.
FTSE 100 summary - London Stock Exchange (1)
Here’s what this chart tells us, keeping in mind that prior to the Brexit vote there were dire warnings from virtually every member of the financial elite who was interviewed. Polling also indicated that the Brits would vote to stay. Who could argue with those polls in the face of such clamorous predictions?

The vote took place on June 23rd. That evening the market closed at 6,338. By the following Monday less sophisticated investors had led a sell-off that saw the market close at 5,982. Seven weeks later on Monday August 15th the market had climbed to 6,940, a tidy 16% gain. Annualized that represented a 119% increase in valuation over the seven weeks between June 27th and August 15th.

Were the pre-Brexit polls manipulated to create a win-win scenario for the financial elites? Either the polls influence the voters enough to vote to stay and the elites get to continue their fleecing of the Brits’ resources or, the vote supports leaving the EU and the market provides a significant “bump” in the wealth of the elites who were in the know and “timed” the market correctly.

Fast-forward two and a half months and the same scenario is now playing out in the United States. The same dire predictions are being made by the financial elites and they are accompanied by polls that are inconsistent with big data analytics.

Here’s Mark Cuban discussing how elite investors with superior knowledge of software systems represent the biggest threat to our financial markets:

What was Mark Cuban’s motivation in warning of a market crash? Were his comments meant to undermine Trump’s campaign (we know he supports Hillary) or was he simply trying to warn less sophisticated investors that the “fix” was in?

Either way we have been forewarned that computers, while making our lives infinitely easier and more productive in many ways, present an existential threat to out freedoms and prosperity, as the elites ability to corrupt electronic voting machines and computerized stock trading is now out in the open.