Man of Steel Heads to Cleveland As Oligarchs Tremble

ELDER PATRIOT – They never saw it coming.  2016 was supposed to be Jeb Bush’s turn to run the Neoconservative-Progressive Oligarchy with Hillary Clinton in the ready to take charge in the event something untoward befell the ex-Governor who was next in line from the House of Bush.

As we pointed out in early September of last year, the Republican wing of the Globalist monocracy had deliberately stacked the field with 16 candidates in order to secure the nomination for Jeb Bush.

Once Donald Trump announced his candidacy those plans went asunder.  Trump convincingly proved to be the more powerful and attractive leader and even the $100 million that Jeb spent trying to craft a stronger image had virtually no effect.  Bush declared “no mas” on February 20th before the dust had even cleared following the South Carolina primary choosing to tarnish the family name no further.

From that point on the plan changed to denying Trump the nomination at all cost.  Trump now found himself alone in an alley with sixteen of the Republican’s “best” candidates, and facing the enmity of the dishonest mainstream media. 

Fearful of his potential to expose the dishonesty of their representation of the American people, their goal was to deny Donald Trump from securing the 1237 pledged delegates necessary to enter the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland as the new head of the Republican Party using whatever means available to them.

Despite everything they threw at him, despite spending a half billion dollars in negative advertising aimed at him, despite having a well-funded army of protesters disrupting every one of his campaign events, and despite the mainstream media’s almost psychotic obsession with smearing him, Donald Trump finished the primary season with almost 25% more pledged delegates than he needed.

That was just the warm-ups.  Now we get to see what the man is really made of.

Until yesterday, Trump had only been running against Republicans assisted by the echo chamber of the mainstream media.  The real test for Trump comes next as he girds himself for the blistering assault that will come from the entirety of the Democrat Party and their violent street thugs, who will be joining the autocrats in the Republican Party that have already begun signaling their intentions to do as much damage to Trump as they can.  Expect the MSM to provide 24/7 air cover in support of the #NeverTrump axis. 

Trump will have to fight for every inch of ground on his march to Washington.  Expect the steel spine of Trump to see him through.