MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: DOJ Rules That Vacancies Reform Act “Unquestionably” Gives President Trump the Right to Appoint Whitaker as Attorney General

Elder Patriot – The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel has just announced that President Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker to replace former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was consistent with the Federal Vacancies Reform Act (VRA) of 1998.

The significance of this decision cannot be overstated for multiple reasons.

First, Democrats have attempted to oust Whitaker for not having been approved by the Senate.  The VRA was passed to temporarily (210 days with an additional 210 day extension if necessary) address vacancies exactly for this reason.

Additionally, in making the announcement, President Trump cited the fact that Whitaker had gotten the Senate’s full approval when he was confirmed as a federal prosecutor in Iowa.

Also, Democrats along with eighteen state attorneys general, have taken issue with Whitaker’s appointment, calling for him to recuse himself from overseeing the Russia probe, citing in part his “hostility” to the investigation given his past criticism in the media.

By that reasoning, Adam Schiff must recuse himself from assuming the chairmanship of the House Intel Committee.  In fact all Democrats positioned for chairmanships in the new Congress are on record – in fact they ran on these promises – to do everything they can to destroy President Trump.

So why the Hail Mary passes by Dems?

The demand for Whitaker’s recusal is laughably void of legitimate basis but it does show, along with other breaking news, just how panicked Dems have become.  They have proffered no plan to help the American taxpayer. All their hopes ride with special counsel Robert Mueller.

With the prospect of the special counsel coming up empty on Trump-Russia collusion, and with signs he’s preparing his final report to say that, Democrats will be left without the major attack narrative they have used against Trump.

Whitaker, has been described as a no-nonsense lawman, and Democrats fear he will bring the Obama-era corruption at the FBI and DOJ into sunlight.

Until Whitaker’s appointment, and with the recusal of Jeff Session, it appeared the president had no one in place to protect the truth and make it known.

Despite Democrats’ specious claims regarding Whitaker’s qualifications Justice has ruled differently.

Sundance from the Conservative Treehouse and Jeff Carlson from the Epoch Times have taken deep dives into the potential that Whitaker had already begun dropping “unofficial” evidence to help expose the conspiracy that had been constructed to take out Trump.

Sundance refers to Whitaker as the “Cleaner” and outlined these reasons for the nickname:


  • How do we find out about the Mark Warner text messages?
  • Who publicly released the Carter Page FISA application?
  • Where did the four day flood of information (Dec 1st – 4th, 2017) about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok come from?
  • Who released that Page/Strzok information to the media?  Why?
  • Who made the decision not to indict James Wolfe for leaking classified information?
  • Why be so specific details within the Wolfe indictment; then dismiss them?
  • Who made the decision NOT TO redact the key FISC clerk stamp?
  • Where is all of this “unofficial” evidence coming from?


I suggest reading both linked articles.  They provide a solid foundation to explain why Jeff Sessions may have resigned.  Whether this was the plan from the start or not, Sessions was compromised and Whitaker, his Chief of Staff, isn’t.  But, Whitaker likely has knowledge of everything.

After spending months acquiring knowledge of where every skeleton is hidden within the corrupt DOJ-FBI construct, Whitaker is the isotope for the cancer.

Jeff Carlson has a different take on the interpretation of the events and details immediately surrounding Sessions resignation/firing – he gives Rosenstein credit for appointing the special counsel and removing the investigation from the corruption within the FBI – but the exponential threat Whitaker poses to the Democrats, who have assiduously protected Obama-era misfeasance, remains the same.

The possibility that Whitaker will clean house and restore the integrity of the FBI and the DOJ removes a major chip from the Dems, over and above the shame and criminal charges that will accrue to Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their acolytes.

The president clearly needed an attorney general who isn’t hindered by recusal issues. Rosenstein would have been an unlikely choice precisely because of his prior involvement with all things Mueller.

Carlson points out how Obama had attempted to poison the applicability of the VRA to the appointment of a new, unfettered Attorney General:

Per a March 31, 2017, executive order, the president retains the full authority to appoint whomever he desires as acting-attorney general within the boundaries of the Vacancy Act:

“(c) Notwithstanding the provisions of this order, the President retains discretion, to the extent permitted by law, to depart from this order in designating an acting Attorney General.”

Trump’s executive order was a last-minute reversal of an executive order issued by President Barack Obama on Jan. 13, 2017, that altered the line of succession within the DOJ. Obama’s action wasn’t done in consultation with the incoming Trump administration.

Democrats have held the Mueller probe over this president like the sword of Damocles.  If the tea leaves are correct, it’ll soon be President Trump holding that sword over the heads of his political opponents.

It took a man with a spine of steel to withstand the establishment’s efforts – both sides of the aisle – to destroy him.  It’s soon to be his turn. May God be with him.