The Mainstream Media: Lies of Omission, Lies of Commission.

ELDER PATRIOT – What if during the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian connections to Donald Trump it had been discovered that Trump University had a satellite office in Moscow and that they were stationing their students in U.S. military bases around the globe?

And, what if the Trump University’s president had been a high-ranking officer in the Russian Red army?  How much more suspicious would it be if there existed a significant link to the Russian equivalent of DARPA?

How loudly would the Democrats be screaming “Treason” if Donald Trump had, during his first month in office, authorized millions of dollars in federal grants to Trump University and the school was accessing federal databases unlawfully?

Though not a single shred of evidence has been made public after months of investigation that hasn’t prevented the mainstream media from pounding the narrative that Trump has ties to Putin and the Russians.

Now, in a slight of hand that would make the world’s greatest magicians proud, we know that President Obama did all of that, only not with Russia but with China. 

Of course, an obedient media can be quite useful in hiding the facts from the people.

Under Obama an online school based just four miles from the Pentagon, with a satellite school in Beijing and whose president was a full colonel in the People’s Liberation Army received $6 million from the Department of Defense’ tuition assistance program. 

Even more appalling was that money earmarked for our veterans through the Department of Veteran Affairs made its way to the school as well.

As reported by Clifford Cunningham of Infowars, “University President Yanping Chen hid her personal ties to the PLA, as well as those of her father: General Chen Bin, a former chair of COSTIND (the Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense).

“COSTIND, the Chinese equivalent of DARPA, was tasked with setting policy for defense procurement as well as managing the Chinese space program. The Chinese National Nuclear Corporation, which overseas China’s civilian and military nuclear programs, was also administered by COSTIND.”

The school, University of Management and Technology (UMT) claims to be “especially proud of our students stationed in US military bases around the globe.”

You’d think someone would’ve investigated this arrangement, wouldn’t you?  They did.  Again we refer you to

“In December, 2012, the FBI raided the school’s campus as well as the northern Virginia home of university President Yanping Chen Frame and J. Davidson Frame, her husband and the school’s academic dean.

“An investigation by Fox News confirmed the raid was connected to a highly sensitive counter-intelligence case known as a “200d.”


Stephen Rhoads, a whistleblower who worked at UMT recruiting veterans claimed active duty military personnel and veterans recruited by UMT provided their military history when they enrolled, noting Chen had a particular interest in recruits who were stationed at Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

“It got uploaded into an O-drive, they called it … their personal military bio, you know, where they were trained, how they were trained, how long, that could be remotely accessed,” he said.

“Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is the site numerous units tied to scientific research, including: the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, tasked with analyzing intelligence on foreign air and space forces; the Air Force Research Laboratory, which is responsible for the Air Force’s entire budget allocated for scientific and technological research; and Air Force Material Command, which is responsible for researching, testing and maintaining the Air Force’s weapons systems.”

Astonishingly we heard nothing about this in the establishment media.  There were no charges by the establishment media that Barack Obama was an agent of the Chinese government even though he spent eight years exporting our economy to the fascist regime.  China’s subsequent economic explosion funded its military buildup and when they began threatening positions in the South China Sea Obama dutifully stood silent. 

No one accused Obama of being a Communist Chinese agent despite the fact that it would be hard to see what more Xi Jinping would’ve asked of him if he were.

A recent study shows that 55% of Americans have zero, as in absolutely no, faith in the mainstream media.  The other 45% are being studied to determine if any brain activity can be detected.