Maddow is an Idiot! Asks Dumbest Question Yet!

ELDER PATRIOT – There’s an old adage lawyers abide when they cross-examine a witness, “never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.” By now we all know that Rachel Maddow’s show last night was the grossest waste of time in television history and that covers a lot of wasteland.

Going live with Donald Trump’s tax return from 2005 without realizing what it would show rivals Geraldo Rivera’s over-hyped opening of Al Capone’s vault. The vault was empty and so must be Maddow’s head for asking why President Trump won’t release the numerous schedules and notes that accompany it.

Think about this for just a second Rachel: Could Trump be protecting the people who he’s done business with over the years from the Leftist’s hatred, and their well-established strategy of boycotting the businesses of anybody who has ever shaken the president’s hand.

Hey Rachel, you built your career espousing alibis and excuses for Hillary Clinton’s deplorable, illegal, and corrupt behavior but you couldn’t come up with this on your own? Please, you’re nothing more than a propagandist for the Islamo-Socialist-Democratic Party.