Madam Hillary – Just One Question Please

ELDER PATRIOT – The mainstream media lobbed softballs to Mrs. Clinton on the tarmac in White Plains, NY yesterday in what can only be described as a thinly veiled attempt to provide her with something to call a press conference. 

It lasted all of twenty minutes and Mrs. Clinton fielded four questions.  All four were intended to provide Mrs. Clinton with the opportunity to resurrect her abysmal performance from the night before at the Commander in Chief Forum.

QUESTION: Madam Secretary, the latest Real Clear Politics average has you up by an average of 2.8 percentage points over Donald Trump. Given what you say are his historic inadequacies and disqualification on the commander in chief point that you just made, shouldn’t you just basically be running away with it at this point?

QUESTION: You said unequivocally last night that you would not put troops into Iraq ever again. Isn’t, A, that ignoring some ground forces who are there; and B, boxing yourself in should your military commanders, if elected, advise that you in fact need to do that?

QUESTION: Secretary Clinton, you’ve been criticized by the RNC for your demeanor last night, that you were too serious, that you didn’t smile enough.

Can you react to that? And also you suggested that there is a double standard. Do you think that you’re treated differently in this race because you’re a woman?

QUESTION: Last night, Mr. Trump suggested in some of his security briefings that briefers made a suggestion or an insinuation that they were not pleased — the CIA was not pleased with the decisions that the administration and President Obama have made so far.

Did you get that same impression in the briefings that you got? And can you comment otherwise on that suggestion from Mr. Trump?

The question that Mrs. Clinton must be made to answer is, why having laid out such a strong case against Vladimir Putin and the Russian government as an existential threat to our country and to world stability, did you authorize the sale of 20% of our uranium stockpile to them?  Do you think that in any way calls into question your judgment when it comes to protecting the people of the United States and our friends and allies in Eastern Europe?

Choke on that for a while Mrs. Foreign Policy Expert.