Lyin’ Nancy Caught Red-Handed Trying to Get Out of Washington.

Elder Patriot – Nancy Pelosi is nothing if not a lying, sagging, sack of un-American bones who would be unable to cling to even a semblance of legitimacy without the help of the equally disgusting anti-American propaganda media.  

With 800,000 federal workers furloughed, the incoming Speaker, without whose approval they cannot return to work, chose to leave Washington for the Christmas Holidays rather than negotiate with President Trump.

The optics of Pelosi partying in an exclusive Hawaiian resort while the furloughed workers and President Trump waited for her to return were devastating even if the propaganda media didn’t report it that way.

The only thing missing was Pelosi telling media; “Let them eat cake.”

She came back to Washington long enough to be elected Speaker (WTF does this say about the Democratic Party?), lay out plans for the impeachment process of the president, and disinvite President Trump from the State of the Union citing security concerns.  Seriously!

Then she was off on an eleven-day junket.

At least that was what she though until the best counter puncher ever to occupy the White House decided to send her truancy letter.  

After Pelosi and her contingent had bordered a bus to take them to their plane, Trump had a letter delivered to the Speaker while she was enroute.

The driver of the bus was forced to circle the block and return to the pick-up point.

Pelosi then attempted to claim she and the congressional delegation that she had been planning on traveling with were prepared to fly commercially until Trump made her plans public thereby threatening their security.


Hey Nancy, get over yourself.  No one gives a spit about you. Certainly no one who would want to do harm to you.  We’re enjoying watching you, and your party, self destruct on your own.