Lucifer’s Democratic Party: Death Conquers All

ELDER PATRIOT – The Democrats have officially become the party of death.

Many of us have never been able to understand the complete rejection of God that the atheists within the Democratic Party demand of our public society.  In the name of Libertarianism they have been able to advance their anti-God agenda that demanded the right to murder their babies and embraced euthanasia.

Libertarians viewed these as personal choices that harmed no one else, though I’m sure the sixty million slaughtered babies would argue otherwise.  The sad fact was and remains such a cavalier view of life has had an enormously deleterious effect on our children’s respect for life. 

Certainly abortion has done more to damage to our collective consciousness than their neighbors’ espousing the principle of Christ or reciting the Ten Commandments.

As Progressives approached total control of the world’s governments and with that the control of societal norms, it was inevitable that the veil eventually had to come off their devotion to the anti-Christ.

Ex-President Obama’s transgender decree exposed the dictatorial determination of their movement rather than an egalitarian respect for others that is the foundational principle of Libertarianism.

The rights of parents and their small children were deliberately ignored by Democrats intent on advancing the desires of a small minority of sexually confused constituents.  This should’ve come as no surprise in light their history of undermining the education of our nation’s public school attendees and their entrenched opposition to any attempt to fix it.    

Any objective look back at the destruction of the nuclear family under the influence of the Democrat agenda reveals the weakening of the foundation that makes our country and our children stronger.

As much as they opposed any presence or mention of God in our society it was inevitable that their affection for Lucifer might someday surface.  Sadly, there is abundant evidence to support this claim.

During Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president revelations regarding Satan-worship were exposed by Wikileaks’ release of John Podesta’s emails.  Both Clintons, too, had long been rumored to be pedophiles.

When Republican congressmen and women returned to their districts last week to hold town hall style question and answer sessions with their constituents they were shouted down by Democrats chanting Lucifer.

But the true extent of the anti-Trump Luciferian takeover of the Democratic Party came this weekend when witches and believers in the occult gathered in enclaves around the world to participate in a mass ritual, staged simultaneously at midnight, to stifle the Trump presidency.  They plan to repeat this every month that Donald Trump is president.  In New York City alone, nearly 900 people were planning to perform the ritual in front of Trump Tower on Friday evening.

Atheistic Democrats have long charged the Republican Party of cowering before a Judeo-Christian God.  Now we know why.