Lou Dobbs: Speaker Ryan Should Not Be Trusted on Healthcare.

ELDER PATRIOT – Many of President Trump’s supporters have grown tired of Paul Ryan’s act. During the presidential campaign, then candidate Trump received zero support from the Wisconsin representative who adamantly protected his globalist and political aspirations. 

Speaker Ryan views himself as the president in waiting and has consistently touted his “Better Way” as the counter agenda to that of the president.  Members of the House Freedom Caucus – the conservative conscience of the House – have openly rejected both Ryan’s healthcare “replacement” plan and the secrecy in which it is being drafted even though Ryan claims he already revealed it to Americans last year. 

Word has leaked that Ryan is committed to maintaining the entitlement aspects of Obamacare, that Obama used to greatly expand government control over 16% of the economy, rather than restoring free market principles that offer us the best chance at returning to a competitive marketplace that will bring with it the lowest possible prices with the best possible coverage.

While you listen to Dobbs redress Ryan remember this about the bloviating Speaker, he couldn’t deliver his home state of Wisconsin for Romney in 2012 despite being the vice presidential nominee.  In 2016, without any backing from Ryan, Trump won Wisconsin handily.

Bret Baier: What do you say to the critics who say you’re just doing what Democrats used to do and that’s cramming legislation down their throats in the dark of night and not in a transparent way?

Speaker Ryan: Are you kidding me Bret?  Give me a break.

Then Ryan told us that, “Last year in 2016 we rolled out an Obamacare repeal and replace plan, called it a “Better Way.”  He emphatically added, “We ran on that plan!”

After watching the clip of Baier and Ryan, Dobbs, never the fool then commented:  “Are you kidding me Mr. Speaker?”

Dobbs is perfectly justified in demanding that Ryan show us that plan that he claims Republicans ran on and won on.  If you’re so proud of it Mr. Speaker then abandon the secrecy surrounding it and let’s see that plan, until then the only candidate I remember demanding repeal and replace during the campaign was Donald Trump and those candidates who supported him – and that definitely didn’t include Paul Ryan. 

Speaker Ryan’s condescension is reminiscent of then Speaker Pelosi’s declaration that, “first we have to pass the legislation so that we can read it.”

I will admit that I have a jaundiced view of Paul Ryan having sat in more than one small group meeting with him.  I always left those encounters with the impression that he is one of our country’s most disingenuous and most ambitious politicians. 

Only President Trump – a man with a history of turning messes into successes by employing free market principles – has guaranteed Americans that he wants government out of the business of managing healthcare.  He’s the only one who should be trusted to keep his word because…well, he’s the only one in Washington who has never broken it.

Lou Dobbs got it 100% correct last night when he told Speaker Ryan to “get out of the president’s way.”