Loretta Lynch Appoints Podesta Pal Peter Kadzik to Block FBI Clinton Probe

ELDER PATRIOT – There seems to be no limit to the web of corruption that the Clintons have cast over virtually every institution of the federal government.  We were reminded of that again yesterday when Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the appointment of Peter Kadzik to oversee FBI Director James Comey’s investigation into the contents of the newly discovered State Department emails on the laptop of a sexual pervert.

Kadzik is a close personal friend of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief.  Podesta had previously served as Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff during the period when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke.  To protect the president Podesta lied under oath to investigators.  For that alone he should have gone to jail.  He didn’t.

Podesta acknowledged he only avoided a jail sentence because of the political connections of his attorney, Peter Kadzik.  Podesta couldn’t have been more blunt in praising Kadzik when he gushed, “Willing to help. Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail.”

Now Kadzik, who has a history of putting politics ahead of the law, has been appointed to oversee the investigation into his old friend John Podesta and the rest of Clinton’s unholy associates.

You can’t make this up.

First it was FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who failed to recuse himself after his wife accepted payoffs from the Clinton crime family.  Now it’s the appointment of Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik who has been appointed by Lynch for only one purpose; slow the investigation to whatever degree possible until the election is over when Barack Obama will be in a better political position to start handing out pardons to members of the Clinton crime syndicate.

This election is no longer about the issues.  We are in a struggle to the death to save the checks and balances that have served our oversight of the government so well for over 200 years.

It’s now clear that no one in a position of power has the courage or the will to challenge Hillary Clinton on anything, even when she violates the laws in the most egregious ways imaginable.

If the preservation of the checks and balances placed in the different branches of government means anything to you then, even if you disagree with Donald Trump’s policies and temperament, you would vote for him if only to restore the order our Founding Fathers sought for our protection.

We know one thing for certain a Trump presidency would restore the mainstream corporate media to its role as aggressive watchdogs over a Trump White House.  Is there anyone left who believes that we can expect the same thing from them if Hillary Clinton becomes president?