Look What Hillary Clinton Did With $60 Trillion

ELDER PATRIOT – Since Hillary Clinton arrived in Washington in 1993 federal spending has exceeded $60T according to data taken directly from Table 1.1 of the White House’s own release.  Where has all of that money gone?

Older Americans are acutely aware that money hasn’t gone to fixing Social Security or Medicare both of which will soon be bankrupt.  Seniors who are dependent on their monthly checks have not had a raise in the benefits in years while food prices have risen dramatically.

Residents of America’s inner cities know that money didn’t go to rebuilding their neighborhoods or encouraging businesses to locate operations there in order to bring jobs to them.

Travelers know that our airports, bridges and roads are becoming more like those of a third world country and not representative of a nation with the world’s highest GDP.

Patients have seen their insurance premiums skyrocket and their out-of-pocket expenses increase while our hospitals are crumbling.

Parents are dismayed when they learn that all of that spending hasn’t resulted in the children being better prepared to meet the needs of the world they are entering.  In fact, the opposite is true.  NPR admits that American students are now ranked below average among industrialized nations after having been ranked first in 1995 according to a CBS News report.  That was only two years after Hillary became co-president.

All of this has left Obama’s bitter-clingers and Mrs. Clinton’s deplorables asking what have they gotten for their money?

The answer is not much unless you consider the importation of as many as 40 million legal and illegal immigrants since 1993 to have benefitted you.  For those who do, keep in mind that the United States Department of Labor (http://data.bls.gov/cgi-bin/surveymost?bls) has reported only 34 million new jobs have been created over that same period of time.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, immigrant households receive $4,344 in federal aid per household on average versus $310 in aid for the average native-born American household.  Over their lifetimes this will cost $6.3T.

Or perhaps you have benefitted from the six trillion dollars spent funding war in the Middle East in the name of fighting terrorism.  Besides the military-industrial complex it is hard to see who else has benefitted from these wars.  Certainly not the 75,000 American families dealing with the loss or maiming of their loved ones or the more than 200,000 families who’s loved ones are suffering from PTSD.   

We have all benefitted from the trillions of dollars spent developing the most sophisticated surveillance system ever devised, right?  Even though despite all of that spending no one knows where the terrorists are hiding amongst us, we can count on a mortgage approval in 60 seconds and that the advertising we see on the websites we visit is perfectly tailored to each of us individually. 

All of this spending will have left Americans $20T in debt by the time the next president assumes his duties.  That might be excusable if Americans considered themselves to be better off but, according to a Wall Street Journal poll released in July 73% percent of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track.

Who is to blame? 

Hillary Clinton has been part of the ruling class and shaping policy since 1993.  While it wouldn’t be fair to place all of the blame on her for the entirety of our public policy, it is fair to examine her voting record and her public comments over that period of time, as well as the policy positions she’s staked out while campaigning over the past year and a half.

She voted in favor of committing our troops to war in five nations in the Middle East, serving at the architect of 3 of those wars while Secretary of State.

She has made increasing immigration – legal and illegal – the cornerstone of her campaign calling for completely open borders and a massive increase in relocating Syrian refugees to the United States at an annual cost of $65,000 each as well as an unknown security risk to Americans.

This is the candidate that the mainstream media has gone all-in to support.  The MSM is reporting daily polls that show Mrs. Clinton’s support at a level likely to make her our next president.


Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

It is hard to fathom that Americans have become so stupid that with the national locomotive steaming down the track in the wrong direction they would choose their next conductor who’s only promise is to throw more coal into the engine’s furnace.