A Look Back at My Predictions and Observations – Were They Fake News?

ELDER PATRIOT – On June 2, 2015, two weeks before Donald Trump announced he’d be seeking the presidency, I wrote an article entitled, “The Bush-Clinton Empire Has Ended.”

The title tells the story at a time when the mainstream establishment media (MSEM) had “high confidence” that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton would be facing each other in the 2016 general election.


On June 8, 2015 I released a column titled, “Here’s Why the Era of Reagan is Over.”

In this column I admonish the conservative leadership that continued feeding the Republican Party even though it had deserted the conservative movement years earlier.

I contended that these “23 conservative leaders who met back then (January 2009) sorely miscalculated their lack of power.  Or, worse they have been co-opted.  Either way, they run the largest issue-based money mills in politics raising hundreds of millions of dollars annually from conservative donors who think they’re helping fight attacks on family values and bias in the media among a host of other hot button issues.  With a Republican Party turning a deaf ear to these issues that’s money that is wasted.”

In the end the core of this group became the leaders of the #NeverTrump movement claiming he was a “true” conservative. 

That may be true but he is a pragmatist who accomplished what they spent three decades trying to and he did it for a fraction of the money.

And, his pragmatic approach will coincide with their conservative ideology to give them significantly more political victories than they’ve gotten over that time.


Less than a week later I wrote this column, “Can We Trust Anyone in Washington?”

I wrote that, “Washington is rotting and the source of the stench lies in the garbage popularly called the political class.  With very few exceptions, the White House, Senate and House of Representatives are manned by 537 lying, cheating, stealing, and corrupt men and women.”

The MSEM extolled the virtues of how qualified the Republican and Democrat candidates were.

A few days later Donald Trump announced his candidacy and he was immediately dismissed by the MSEM as a sideshow.  As we all know now he won the presidency by promising to drain the swamp.  Why didn’t any member of the MSEM with my level of involvement with Washington’s insiders come to the same conclusion?


On July 7, 2015, three weeks after Donald Trump became a candidate my column was titled, “Why Donald Trump Qualifies With ‘Angry White Men.’” Where I said:

“It’s become obvious that we are living in a post-Constitutional world where traditional values and rewarding achievement have been cast aside in favor of political correctness and affirmative action.  Many Americans, especially those “angry middle-aged white men,” have become growingly disgusted with a Washington establishment that ignores the needs of the people in favor of their own enrichment.”


“Reminiscent of past leaders like George Patton who ignored the ties of political correctness and could always be counted on to achieve the goal, Trump struck a chord with those who abhor the political intransigence and cronyism that passes for leadership in Washington these days.”

The MSEM was reporting that Donald Trump was nothing more than a sideshow at this time.


My July 14, 2015 column called out Lindsey Graham (Sen-SC) charging:

“Hey Lindsey, you’ve had 12 years in the Senate to make your case for illegals being here.  You haven’t done diddly.  No cogent reasoning for keeping the borders open.  No legislative initiative to address problems relating to their presence here.  No nothing.

“Graham went on to cry that Trump’s ascendancy could potentially discredit the whole party.  Seriously Lindsey, you and the rest of your “give Obama anything he wants” brothers and sisters in the Republican Party have taken care of that.”


“Graham, Boehner, McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the Republican leadership had decades to address our immigration problems, especially when they controlled both houses and George Bush was president.  They did nothing. “

Trump had announced a month earlier and we had already recognized his potential for leading the party back to relevance.  The MSEM still refuses to acknowledge Trump has been duly elected.  SMH.


In my “The Trump Phenomena Explained” column of July 24, 2015 I wrote:

“Trump’s willingness to vilify both political parties and their leaders for their roles in allowing illegal immigration to continue unabated has touched a nerve with citizens who worry about their jobs and their family’s safety.”


“Trump’s next move, where he mocked party elder John McCain, was a stroke of genius.  Republican voters are still disgusted with McCain for handing the presidency to Obama.  More importantly, by taking on McCain it showed The Donald’s willingness to challenge the power structure of the party that conservative voters have nothing but scorn for.  It’s clear that Trump is the new maverick of the Republican Party.

“If Trump continues hitting the hot button issues that his challengers have spent their political careers avoiding or exacerbating – the burgeoning national debt that threatens our sovereignty, Obamacare that threatens the solvency of our businesses here at home, and one-sided trade treaties that threaten our workers’ jobs are but a few – it’s likely he proves to be more than a flash in the pan.  The party has ran from so many issues over the decades that Trump can roll out a new issue every two weeks and not run out of new things to talk about until the election is over.  With each new issue Trump brings forth he will be able to hoist his challengers on their own petards.”

Trump was busy steamrolling the Washington establishment but the MSEM reported otherwise.


By July 29, 2015 I was reporting that Trump represented an existential threat to both parties in a column entitled, “Right and Left Elitists Both Hate Trump…He Must Be Doing Something Right.”

“Expect many more of these gratuitous attacks on Trump who represents a real threat to the Ruling Elite that both parties currently bow to.  The Left is aware that their problems with a Trump candidacy will surface later, once he has secured the Conservative base of the Republican Party.  Trump will then move to the center where many of his more moderate positions will resonate loudly with disgruntled Democrats and Independents and promising to make him a formidable candidate to the end.”


Then on August 21, 2016, in a column titled “Is Trump America’s Last Best Hope?” I explained why Donald J. Trump was the best candidate for president:

“For their part, Republican leadership led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have used the tools available to them to punish those who don’t cooperate by acquiescing to their big-government agenda when it’s time to vote.  The surest path to the loss of party rank and the committee assignments that rank brings is to cross leadership.

“Donald Trump’s ascending political challenge to the Republican Party’s powerbase threatens their standing with the bankers who enrich them and threatens to shatter the Republican Party’s seat at the table of international powerbrokers whose only goal is to get fat at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer. 

“Trump has too much of his own money to be bought or bribed.  His personality is as large as Bill Clinton’s making past indiscretions useless against him rendering their usual tools for the destruction of a candidate impotent.  Their gravy train is so threatened by Trump’s independence that CNN reports the Republican National Committee has set up a war room to undermine him whenever and wherever possible. 

“It’s this possibility of destroying the existing Republican powerbase that makes Trump the lone Republican candidate with the potential to benefit the people of the United States for the long run by returning the Republican Party to its small government roots.”

I had endorsed Donald Trump more than fourteen months before the election.  The MSEM is still at a loss to explain how this all happened.

Stay tuned to the Mainstream Establishment Media for more fake news.