Link Between Seth Rich Murder and Wasserman Schultz Now Irrefutable

ELDER PATRIOT – The other day we learned that Seth Rich attended a party the night he was murdered where a number of IT workers with ties to D.C. Democrats were in attendance. We cited the troubling silence of those in attendance who refused to identify their fellow partiers.

We believed it was odd that investigators had no interest in who Seth had been with before he left the party and headed to Lou’s City Bar where he was known to be a regular. Lou’s City Bar was the last place that he was seen alive.

We questioned if Imran Awan was at the party and, if he was, whether he and Rich discussed Rich’s intentions to go to the F.B.I. the next morning.

From there it was easy to envision a scenario where Awan followed Rich from the party and killed him to keep him from going to the F.B.I. or, perhaps Awan calling Wassermann Schultz while Rich sat in the bar and told her what Rich was planning and that she – or another members of the Obama-Clinton crime syndicate – had Rich murdered.

Now Roger Stone has confirmed that Imran Awan was at that party and was seen talking with Rich.

This puts us one step closer to tying Wasserman Schultz, James Comey et. al., to the death of Seth Rich.

Remember how desperate former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D, FL) was to have her laptop returned before investigators had the opportunity to view its contents that she threatened to defund the Capitol Police?  That becomes especially troubling considering that laptop was stolen by Imran Awan who was later arrested attempting to flee the United States. What would be the outrage if President Trump threatened to defund the F.B.I. unless they called off the special counsel’s investigation?

That video clearly shows Wassermann Schultz looking like a woman facing the gallows when the Capitol Police chief refused to return her laptop.

Considering what Newt Gingrich said the other night:

“… there are a lot of Republicans who are afraid of the Clintons. That the Clintons still have so much latent power and have so many connections in the Washington establishment that they’re just afraid to take them head on.”

If Republicans who have a Republican president to protect them are this fearful of the Clintons, then Wasserman Schultz’s reaction – with no one to protect her from following Seth Rich into the great beyond – is understandable.

Was Seth Rich Murdered Because He Was About to Expose the Awan Brothers Extortion of Debbie Wasserman Schultz??