Limousine Liberals: Tone Deaf to Ordinary Americans

Elder Patriot – Amazingly, the elites just don’t understand how the rest of us are being hurt by the policies they have forced on us.

On ABC’s “This Week” Cokie Roberts was trying to explain why female supporters of Roy Moore refuse to desert him.

“One of the things to keep in mind is, in the base, even women are suspicious about these sexual harassment claims.

“And part of the reason for that is that women who are not in fancy white collar jobs often have really awful things happen to them on the job. They are assaulted. They are raped. They have horrible things happen to them. And so when they hear women say, ‘he talked dirty to me,’ or ‘he came on to me,’ they think, ‘big deal. That’s not what happened to me. What happened to me is so much worse.’ And so there’s not that same sense of affinity.”

Roberts, who has long considered her self smarter than the rest of us, ran face-first into the answer and still didn’t get it.  She’s been living in and traveling between her protected elite communities for too long to understand the plight of ordinary American women.

The rest of America’s women have been forced into living with the criminals that come across our borders and liberals’ soft on crime policies that allow too many miscreants to walk the same streets that they do.

That is the root cause of the harassment they endure not their loving, God-fearing husbands.  And, not their employers who are cowed by fear of sexual harassment lawsuits.

They fear for their children that are soft targets for MS-13 and other gangs. 

Their families have been torn apart by the declining wages and unemployment that accompany immigration and the all too often opioid addiction that follows.

What don’t you get, Cokie?  Roy Moore stands for policies that will strengthen the American family.  Doug Jones has declared his intention to continue the policies – higher taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, increased welfare, larger government, and the elimination of God in the public square – that have led to the American family’s decline.

It’s as simple as that.  And, no trumped up charges against Moore will change that.  Put some meat on the bones of those charges and then get back to these women.  You told them that Donald Trump was akin to Adolph Hitler.  Why should they believe anything you say after that?