Lifelong Liberal and Asia Expert Accusation: The Democrat Party’s Hands… are Covered in Blood [for] Defending and Protecting the Evil Chinese Communist Party.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a Democratic senator from New York.  He was from a past generation of Democrats, not the partisan rabid dogs of today who want blacks beholden to them for their daily sustenance.

(The Daily Signal) It’s well known how in 1965 Daniel Patrick Moynihan, assistant secretary of labor to Democrat President Johnson, warned that the black family was on the verge of a “complete breakdown” because of growing illegitimacy rates: in 1963 the out-of-wedlock birth rate for whites was 3 percent, and for blacks it was 23.6 percent. 

Moynihan was part of a generation of Democrats who cared about lifting blacks up into the ranks of equal opportunity with whites, back in the days before the Democrat Party became completely morally corrupt.

In his 1965 “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,” Moynihan observed that because more blacks were being born into unmarried homes, more blacks were becoming dependent on welfare to survive.

Then, as now, blacks represented only a small percentage of the U.S. population but a disproportionate percentage of people relying on public assistance. At the center of this “tangle of pathology,” as Moynihan called it, was “the weakness of the family structure” among blacks. “Once or twice removed, it will be found to be the principal source of most of the aberrant, inadequate, or antisocial behavior that did not establish, but now serves to perpetuate the cycle of poverty and deprivation.”

Ever since, the problem has only gotten worse. 

The majority of black babies are being born to single mothers—a prescription for a life of poverty and crime.

Rather than correct the situation, Democrats created the framework for teenage white girls and working women to become part of that dependency.

Now Moynihan’s daughter has taken over where he left off.  This time castigating Democrats for their stance on China…

(JustTheNews) Maura Moynihan — a lifelong liberal, an Asia expert and the daughter of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan — is lambasting the Democratic Party for decades of financial codependency with Communist China that she says has caused the party to turn a selectively blind eye toward human rights. 

“The Democrat Party has to wake up. It has to realize its hands are covered in blood if it continues to defend and protect the evil Chinese Communist Party. They should align with Republicans,” said Moynihan, a longtime critic of Beijing and activist for Tibet.

Moynihan told Just the News that Democrats’ failure on China policy can be traced to the decision by President Bill Clinton a quarter century ago to delink human rights and trade policy with Beijing. That decision followed by a fundraising scandal in which illegal foreign donations from China flowed into Democratic coffers proved “catastrophic…” 

Normalizing U.S.-China trade followed by Beijing gaining admittance to the World Trade Organization before the end of Clinton’s tenure as president meant that “tax dollars of American citizens have gone to build Communist China into a global hegemon, a military superpower that is trying to destroy the United States.”

“I feel very, very disappointed with the Democratic Party for normalizing the CCP, for normalizing putting your money into the CCP and taking money from the CCP,” Moynihan said.

In a short while you will find out the corruption Dems and their media are covering up. China! – Rudy Giuliani