Lester Holt Failed America Last Night

ELDER PATRIOT – What is the single issue associated with Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone? 

Hint: no one either side of the political aisle wanted to talk about it during this election cycle but Mr. Trump dispatched perhaps the deepest field of Republican candidates ever assembled in the primaries by shining light on this issue and making it the cornerstone of his campaign.

It was and remains immigration in all of its forms.  Trump’s insistence on elevating this issue to the forefront would wind up exposing the globalist movement as the key issue of greatest importance to the leadership of both major political parties when #NeverTrump Republicans agreed that Hillary Clinton was their candidate of choice.  Because of Trump’s stance on immigration and trade #NeverTrumpers were willing to abandon the entire conservative platform in a complete capitulation to the Progressive agenda.

Suddenly the left/right paradigm had been exposed as nothing more than a political construct to keep the electorate divided.   Mr. Trump had started a movement of politically seismic proportions and, in the process he became the recipient of the greatest number of votes ever in a Republican primary process.

Polling on these issues proved that Mr. Trump had hit a hot button when even a sizeable majority of Democrat voters were shown to support his call for a temporary ban on Muslims until an effective vetting process had been established.

Trump carried immigration as his cornerstone issue when he moved on to running against Hillary Clinton.  She has campaigned on massively increasing immigration levels by as many as five times and granting amnesty to every illegal already here within her first hundred days.

Mrs. Clinton sees the same polls that Donald Trump sees and she knew that this was not an issue she or her global elite donors wanted aired in front of a national TV audience. 

Last night, Lester Holt obliged her when he wasted valuable time on such geo-politically significant questions as why Trump won’t release his tax returns, whether stop and frisk is constitutional, and what did Mr. Trump mean when he said Mrs. Clinton didn’t look presidential.  Somehow, with 90 minutes to ask questions Holt couldn’t make time to ask a single question about what is now the single issue of greatest importance to Americans, immigration, its costs, and its threat to our security.

This would be equivalent to the referees at the Super Bowl not allowing one of the team’s star quarterback on the field for the entire game.

Mr. Holt dutifully attempted to maintain the left/right paradigm with his questioning last night.  This, of course, when he wasn’t asking questions requiring Mr. trump to defend himself from charges of racism and misogyny.

Mr. Holt decided that the issues of immigration and trade that have contributed so greatly to our exploding national debt and limping economy were not worthy of discussion.    

Lester Holt was a disgrace because, in the process of shielding Mrs., Clinton, he let down every middle-class American who has been forced to pay for the security consequences and costs that attend the current immigration crisis.  But, why would we expect any better of the NBC anchor who, after all, is on the payroll of one of the largest global corporations in the world?