Leftist Media Melts Down Following Release of Mueller Report

Opinion: First is was Chuck Todd.

Watch the video:

From NewsBusters:

During the early evening buzz on MSNBC’s MTP Daily, host Chuck Todd seemed to express concern over the fact that Mueller allowed President Trump and his legal team to answer written questions, instead of testifying before a grand jury.

Speaking with California Congressman Eric “nuke the gun owners” Swalwell (D) on the phone, Todd pressed him on Trump’s form of testimony:

Todd: This report was concluded without interviewing the President of the United States in front of a grand jury. Now, there’s plenty of – there was plenty of legal reasons perhaps that Bob Mueller decided not to go through with that. Will that be known as a mistake or not?

Swalwell responded: “I believe the President will have no credibility to attack the report. Because the state of the evidence will not include his testimony.”.

Todd’s concern, and Swalwell’s response were both without merit and meant to mislead because lying to federal investigators is illegal whether given in oral or written form.

Some twenty minutes later, Todd was visibly worried as he asked Brennan about putting “this toothpaste back in the tube” because President Trump was going to “banana republic us:”

“You know, the one other thing about this do you think — how do we put this toothpaste back in the tube? This is long term damage. I mean, beyond long term damage. There is 40 percent of the country the President spun up believing that the rule of law in this country — [grimace face] — and, frankly, then you’re going to have 40 percent on the other side if the President does sort of banana republic us in this. This is — I don’t know how we put the toothpaste back in the tube.”

Seriously Chuck?  You and your cohorts have been protecting the banana republic that Obama turned us into for ten years.

Next up, Chris Matthews who literally begins foaming from his mouth during his meltdown hour.  Matthews is so vested in the lies he’s been reporting as news for more than two years that he can’t even fathom the fact it was all bullshit, a corrupt product of the man who sent a thrill up his leg.

From MRCtv:

Perhaps no single reaction Friday night to the conclusion of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation rivaled that of MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews, who was apoplectic, inconsolable, and irate at the notion the Mueller team will not offer any further indictments in hopes of criminal charges concerning Russian collusion. And even his most adored guests couldn’t avoid his scorn.

Somewhere along the way, it never occurred to MSNBC that maybe a call should have been placed to Barack Obama to help calm Matthews down. Maybe that would have helped.

Next up on Marxist Sedition News Broadcasting Network was Rachel Maddow who seemed to suffer a meltdown at the news that Robert Mueller had essentially called bullshit on the past two plus years of her primetime show.

Dealing with the fact that that there would be no additional indictments, sealed or otherwise, from the special counsel was difficult for Maddow to accept,  After all, that was virtually the entire content of her show for the past two years.

Contributor Josh Gerstein first discusses the fact that the report is comprehensive but then shifts to telling the audience we don’t know what else is coming.  Which i it Josh?

Hey Josh, here’s what we do know, there are no indictments coming from the special counsel’s collusion investigation and there will be no charges of obstruction of justice.

We know that from Andrew McCabe’s congressional testimony during which he admitted there had been no efforts made by President Trump to obstruct the FBI’s work.

Do not think for a minute this is the end of Stalinist witch-hunt targeting Donald Trump, his family, or his associates.  The “destroy Trump” media has already revealed their pivot to future support of Democrats in this regard:

ABC, NBC Boast Dems Still Want to Hammer Trump Post-Mueller; ‘They Are Plowing Ahead’

On Friday, ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News made sure to include amidst their extensive coverage on the completion of the Mueller Report that, despite the lack of any future indictments from the Special Counsel, House Democrats still have an increasing number of ongoing investigations into every aspect of President Trump’s life that could prove perilous for the White House.

Remember when Chuck Schumer slipped and admitted this: