Leave Your Cognitive Dissonance Behind and Ask Just How Corrupt The Multi-Headed Hydra that Runs Washington Became Under Obama?

The criminal elements that nearly succeeded in turning our country… and the world… over to predatory globalists relied on two pillars that underpinned our trust in them.  

The first is the media – both the legacy print and broadcast media and social media – that has proven to be little more than the propaganda arm for the Washington establishment and the global special interests that they partner with, that exist solely to protect and enrich themselves.

Second, our own cognitive dissonance.  In this case our inability to comprehend the scope of their schemes and plans for domination of the world and the United States by people we voted for, campaigned for, and put our trust in.

The more that we are learning about how this establishment has worked to destroy patriots like Lt. General Michael Flynn, President Trump, the president’s family and the president’s associates, the more we should come to accept they’re evil and will destroy anyone and everyone in their way.

A century-long movement to, initially gain control of the levers of power in the United States, and then to destroy the country that serves the world as the “Shining City on the Hill,” was on the precipice of final fruition until Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s success bought the patriot movement some time but the multi-headed hydra that Washington’s establishment had morphed into had no plans on surrendering without a fight.  

First came charges from high-ranking Obama officials that Donald Trump was a puppet of Vladimir Putin.  Adam Schiff told us evidence of this was everywhere.  We now know it was all a lie… fabricated and predicated on the unproven allegation that Russia hacked the DNC server to help Trump defeat Hillary.

Follow the testimony of Shawn Henry, president of Crowdstrike, the private contractor hired by the DNC to, it can now be said, create a narrative claiming that Russia was responsible for hacking the DNC network and relying on Wikileaks to disseminate incriminating emails…

We now have learned that claims Russian hacked the DNC servers was unproven bullshit.

They lied and in the process determined they must destroy Wikileaks founder Julian Assange because of his public claims that no state entity was behind the hack. Assange was first isolated in the Ecuadorian Embassy and later put in prison.

A witness who claimed to have worked with Assange – Kim Dotcom – offered to testify but, like Assange, was ignored by investigators in the House, the Senate, and by special counsel Robert Mueller.

There’s also a matter of Seth Rich’s unsolved murder… A DNC employee who may have been WikiLeaks’ source.  We’d been one of many small publishers covering Rich’s murder since well before the 2016 election.

Rich is dead but Mueller never touched that hot mess.  Someone killed him.  The lack of curiosity is stunning considering the back story. 

When we reported on every aspect of this, we were labeled fake news and social media crushed our reach.

Mueller used his extra-Constitutional powers in attempts to destroy Three-Star General Michael Flynn as well as Trump associates Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and Roger Stone… all for next to nothing except to create the impression Trump was surrounded by bad actors so he must also be corrupt.

Unable to build a case around Russian collusion, Mueller sought to ensnare President Trump in an obstruction trap by brutalizing any Trump associate in his crosshairs.

When we reported on every aspect of this, we were labeled fake news and social media crushed our reach.

Almost as soon as that was debunked, the multi-headed Hydra raised the phony Ukraine phone call impeachment proceedings.

All bullshit.

When we reported on every aspect of this, we were labeled fake news and social media crushed our reach.

Now comes their disingenuous attempt to discredit President Trump over his administration’s response to the Wuhan virus.  Strangely, the Democrats’ response is far more aligned with the Chinese Communist Party than with their Republican rivals.

We may be off-base on our suspicions of DNC-China alignment but we’ve earned the right to be wrong.  The same can’t be said of the legacy media that has been wrong on every major story since prior to President Trump’s election.

We predicted this rise of a communist style Ministry of Truth as early as December of 2016… that was aided by Paul Ryan and John McCain.

How President Trump survived is a testament to his internal fortitude. 

However small our contribution might have been, we like to think we played some part in his election and in his survival to this point by getting the truth out to as many people as social media allowed us to.