ELDER PATRIOT – Hacked emails that have yet to be leaked will prove that the Jihadist movement in the United States is another in the line of migrant crises that are being funded by George Soros and other Clinton billionaire backers in an effort to subvert the world’s last solidly entrenched Western democracy. 

Deputy managing editor of the Jerusalem Post Caroline Glick recently wrote:

“On the surface, the vast number of groups and people he supports seem unrelated. After all, what does climate change have to do with illegal African immigration to Israel? What does Occupy Wall Street have to do with Greek immigration policies? But the fact is that Soros-backed projects share basic common attributes.”

“They all work to weaken the ability of national and local authorities in Western democracies to uphold the laws and values of their nations and communities.

“They all work to hinder free markets, whether those markets are financial, ideological, political or scientific.  They do so in the name of democracy, human rights, economic, racial and sexual justice and other lofty terms.”

These are the same principles that Hillary Clinton promulgated throughout the course of the Democratic National Convention when she embraced as many subversive groups as time permitted including Black Lives Matter and Islamic fundamentalism.

Previously leaked Soros emails have already proven his funding of Europe’s Islamic refugee crisis that now threatens to devolve into civil war in a number of the continent’s oldest democracies, including France and Germany.  The newest emails will show that Soros is spending over a billion dollars funding the same strategies in the United States that have proven so successful in destabilizing Europe.  Soros is not the only Clinton billionaire backer funding these subversive elements.

The plan being funded by Hillary’s billionaire donors has a two-pronged strategy.  They would like to avoid conflict by winning the election outright but they are preparing for it in the event they do not succeed in stealing the election for their queen bee.

They are aware that simply importing migrants into a country is not be enough to achieve their goal peaceably of ending American sovereignty unless they are able to win a vote undermining America’s Founding Principles.

This is where another recipient of Soros’ et al money, the Democratic Party, comes into play.

President and founder of Americans for Legal Immigration, William Gheen has uncovered evidence that Democrats are illegally registering as many immigrants as possible in an effort to undermine this November’s election.

“The Democrats are registering folks who aren’t eligible to be registered.”  There’s a little question on the registration form asking, ‘Are you a U.S. citizen?’ If you check yes, no one checks that. There’s no significant verification process in any form or fashion. In areas that are big illegal alien areas, it’s been going on for at least six years.”

Like the person at the top of the ticket, the Clinton campaign machine has a history of playing fast and loose with the law when it comes to illegal registration of new voters:

Hillary’s much ballyhooed “ground game” is little more than a front for massive illegal voter registration efforts.

Stanford University released a study on June 16th of this year that confirmed the Democratic Party’s primary process had been rigged to favor Hillary Clinton.  There was so little backlash from the mainstream media for their unlawful behavior that they have been emboldened by the lapdog media to continue breaking the law.

Despite plans for massive voter and election fraud, Hillary’s billionaires will leave nothing to chance and are therefore sowing the seeds for massive civil unrest.

Soros and Clinton’s other billionaire backers will not countenance a Clinton loss and are funding every incendiary insurgent group that they determine can be instigated into fomenting widespread civil unrest.  As the likelihood of getting elected continues slipping away from Hillary they will be depending on a continuing escalation of turmoil and nihilism from these groups. 

The plan calls for such widespread civil unrest that President Obama has a basis for declaring martial law in order to justify suspending the presidential election and for remaining in office until their work is done.  That will only require a few months in to 2017 since, thanks to a compliant Republican Congress they are only months away from achieving their goals.

We are now seeing evidence of their plan being put into action in response to Hillary’s plummeting poll numbers.   This weekend orchestrated terrorist attacks took place in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.  These included multiple bomb detonations and a mall attack carried out by Islamic radicals.  Again this morning bombs were discovered in a number of New Jersey train stations and one exploded at the Elizabeth station.

No area of the country will be immune as a consequence of Obama’s Hillary-backed plan to import as many Muslim immigrants into the United States as possible and to locate them inside of small communities everywhere.

Similarly, Black Lives Matter has received nearly a billion dollars from groups like the Ford Foundation and the Democratic Alliance as well as George Soros.

BLM openly campaigns for anarchy during their demonstrations:

These same billionaires have similarly spent generously in support of pro-illegal immigration groups like La Raza who will be expected to also join in the attack on our civil society.

Their goal is an “Arab Spring” like uprising in America that will shake the very foundations of our Republic’s democratic roots.

Let there be no doubt about the fact that the election of Hillary Clinton as president will spell the end of America, as we know it and soon to be widely distributed emails will leave no doubt as to Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in this plan.