Leading Dem Admits to Endangering National Security To Protect His Party

Elder Patriot – As the ranking member on the House Special Select Committee on Intelligence, Democrat Adam Schiff has made himself the face of the bogus anti-Trump Russian collusion plot.

As Schiff’s charges of Trump-Russia collusion have begun unwinding for lack of evidence, and substantiation of a conspiracy by the leaders of his party to destroy President Trump have emerged, the California congressman had an opportunity to set the record straight.  He chose not to until yesterday.

Prior to the Republicans on the HPSCI releasing a four-page memo recapping glaring evidence of the Obama administration’s fraudulent application to the FISA court, Schiff tried desperately to block it from becoming public. 

Schiff knew the memo contained damning evidence that the FBI and the DOJ had been working to discredit Donald Trump under orders from the highest-levels of Obama’s administration only because Trump was considered a threat – first to their power and then to revealing their corruption.

This forced Schiff to defend these agencies that had been essential to the anti-Trump conspiracy lest the entire Trump-Russia collusion argument come crumbling down.  If that happened, the FBI and DOJ that conspired against President Trump would instead themselves become suspect.    

Schiff also knew that the memo would lead to additional evidence of wrongdoing that would eventually implicate virtually every member of his party in one fashion or another.

To bolster his argument that the memo should never be made public Schiff claimed that the memo would expose sources and methods, endangering national security. 

Republicans released the memo following a strictly party line vote.  The only sources and methods exposed were those the FBI and the DOJ used to defraud the FISA court.

In an attempt to deflect from the shocking facts revealed in the Republicans’ four-page memo, Schiff authored a ten-page rebuttal memo that we have yet to see. 

After President Trump reviewed the memo prior to authorizing its release he was left with no choice but to send it back to the HPSCI to cleanup the “numerous properly classified and sensitive passages” that Schiff had deliberately “planted” throughout the document.

Yesterday, Schiff finally acknowledged he deliberately planted classified information to force the president to deny its release.

At a breakfast meeting sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, Schiff confirmed that President Trump’s reasons for blocking his memo were legitimate because it did disclose sources and methods that threatened national security.

Schiff was shockingly candid when told the audience:

“We need to go through that and identify that which remains classified and would implicate sources and methods or investigative interests.” 

“I’ve never said there was proof (of Trump-Russia collusion) beyond a reasonable doubt.” Sorry Adam that dog don’t hunt.

Schiff then returned to his partisan spin: “Our responsibility is not determining what can be proved to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt. Our responsibility is to tell the country as much as we’ve been able to learn.”

WAT???  I’m still waiting to hear Schiff to tell us anything that he knew about the Clinton email scandal, Benghazi, and the Obama administration’s tortured use of the intelligence community and the DOJ to stop their political opponents.

Schiff finally called out Obama for his ineptitude that eventually led to the Trump collusion allegations:

“I think the Obama administration should have done more to establish a deterrent when it had the opportunity.” 

“In the case of Russia, I think we should have named them a lot earlier, call them out on it. It’s not enough for members of Congress to do so. We need an administration to do it. The administration did it through a written statement in October, which I don’t think was enough.

“Of course the biggest way to get the attention of Russia is through sanctions. I had urged that the administration, before the election, begin negotiations with our European allies over sanctions that ought to be imposed over Russia’s interference.

“As far as we can tell, the documents that they dumped (the DNC and Podesta emails) were largely or completely authentic. That is, they weren’t fakes.”

In light of everything Schiff admitted to, he never explained why he was so insistent on investigating and smearing Donald Trump at every opportunity but steadfastly defended both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama from any charges that he knew warranted further inquiry.

Schiff is walking a fine line probably because of something with postulated on Tuesday. 

It appeared to us that Bill Priestap has turned state’s evidence to save himself from going down with the other co-conspirators under FBI Director James Comey’s orders targeting Donald Trump for political annihilation.

If anyone would be aware of this it would be Schiff who is the highest-ranking Democrat on the HPSCI.  If Priestap has flipped, Schiff’s knowledge of Priestap’s admissions could well explain why he is now walking back his much of his year-long allegations that Trump is a Russian operative.