Leadership!!! Trump Declares Victory in Information War – Destroys Enemy Using Mobile App!

President Donald J. Trump.  It sounded awesome in the wee morning hours following the election.  Almost eight months later it sounds even better…if that’s possible.  President Trump has been better than advertised.

Trump has destroyed the radical Left’s primary weapon, its trillion-dollar propaganda machine – the MSM.  And he did it with the support of a ragtag army of citizen journalists using the Internet and through his own use of a 140-character Twitter arsenal. 

Leftists had spent literally hundreds of billions of dollars building their control over every aspect of the MSM – newsprint, entertainment, and cable and broadcast news – over the past century.  Trump and his Internet army invested almost nothing except their time and effort.

Trump knew what Republicans before him wouldn’t admit, the MSM is and has been the enemy of freedom.  Those Republicans that preceded him were cowards trying to win by playing the MSM’s – and the Dems’ – game.  Their presidencies failed to reverse liberal policies settling only to slow the advance of those policies.

Donald Trump didn’t put his life on hold just to enhance his resume with the title of U.S. President.  He had and has no intention of limiting his presidency to trimming around the edges and passing a bigger mess on to his successor.

Realizing from the outset that he had to dismantle the Left’s propaganda machine to have the successful and productive presidency he envisioned Trump was relentless is conducting his counter-attack against the MSM.  And he hasn’t once shied from the challenge.

He started calling the MSM “corrupt” at his earliest rallies and used Twitter to challenge and debunk long-winded narratives from the NY Times and Washington Post as well as from the 24-hour assaults by CNN and MSNBC.  ABC, CBS, and NBC offered no relief.  Even ESPN consistently attacks Trump.

Using a single press conference and Twitter Trump, with help from patriots like James O’Keefe and Project Veritas and his Internet army has exposed CNN not just for an occasional poorly researched story but more importantly for orchestrating one lie after another as part of an admitted plot to destroy his presidency.

Besides his takedown of CNN, The People’s president also has his sights set on the other fake news components of the MSM as well.

This is why the Leftist MSM are now desperately trying to convince the public that it is un-presidential for a president to use Twitter.  Really? What is un-presidential has been shirking the responsibility vested in every preceding president to lead and not to follow public opinion polls.  (If only Senate Republicans deadlocked on repealing Obamacare had the same courage.)

Trump has masterfully used Twitter to disarm the Left and help him communicate to those Americans that had been disenfranchised by B. Hussein Obama.  Trump has used Twitter to let America know he would once again be protecting their interests.

Yesterday he let everyone know that he has no intention of stopping.

Just as Trump has taken the handcuffs off our combat troops, Trump refuses to be handcuffed in any way as he engages in the domestic battles that lie ahead.

This is what a modern American president who loves his country and the citizens who elected him should be doing.