Laura Ingraham on Fire: Delivers Ethics Deathblow to Mueller, Jeannie Rhee, Andrew Weissmann

Elder Patriot  – Laura Ingraham was on fire last night.  She hammered the mere reason behind the appointment of a special counsel, as well as Robert Mueller himself for ethics violations: (beginning 1:25 into the video – no clips were available)

“… How was a man who was obviously so detached from key aspects of the case ever allowed to run the investigation…”

Ingraham probably knows the answer to that question but as a constitutional attorney (she clerked under Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) she was taught to ask probative questions and then let the answers tell the story.

Those answers will almost certainly tell us that Robert Mueller didn’t choose the members of the special counsel team.  In all likelihood, and following that dreadful performance before Congress, on Wednesday, the team chose him.

Mueller was the perfect candidate for the corrupt team of special counsel investigators to choose to be their titular leader.  He was first appointed U.S. attorney by Ronald Reagan and remained a registered Republican.  

The SC team could establish political credibility using Mueller’s party affiliation and, in fact, that was repeated ad nauseam by the leftist anarchists defending the team’s work.

More importantly, his diminished mental capacity would allow him to be shielded from key evidence – he apparently was unaware of Fusion GPS – and manipulated more easily.

This is not a right-wing conspiracy theory.  Listen to Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper:

I digress.  Back to Ingraham’s comments:

“…Yesterday we were reminded that the American taxpayers spent $34 million for an investigation that could have been easily handled by the regular line prosecutors at the Justice Department…”

In fact, Andrew Weissman, who served as Mueller’s “pitbull” was a line prosecutor who had been part of the DOJ sham investigation of candidate then President Donald Trump.

Apparently, Mueller didn’t know anything about Weissmann or his ties to Hillary Clinton.  Or, about Jeannie Rhee’s, another member of the SC team, previous legal work for Hillary Clinton.  

Rhee is also a leftist activist that further clouds her credibility in conducting a fair and impartial investigation of Donald Trump.

“…Why was this team allowed to operate outside the code of Professional Responsibility that all US attorneys are subject to?…”

Former U.S. attorney Joe di Genova and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Jon Yoo joined the discussion at this time. 

Di Genova pointed out Weissman and Rhee had clear conflicts of interest.

Yoo“As a former Justice Department official, as Joe was, you’re supposed to take it upon yourself to ask yourself; can I be impartial?  

“It’s not even whether I can be impartial, it’s also would anyone knowing about my work say, from my past clients, or my personal friends, or political contacts, would anyone outside question the impartiality of the Justice Department if I participated?… 

… A good attorney will do it themselves.”