Latest Charges Targeting Trump Proves How Desperate His Enemies Have Become

Elder Patriot – The latest allegation against President Trump, that he violated campaign finance law by entering into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with past sexual conquests, can only lead to the conclusion that those wishing to chase him, or forcibly remove him from office are now wholly dependent on the mercenary propagandist media to overwhelm the public consciousness with a false narrative.

This may well be the reason that the president has cancelled the press’ invitation to the White House Christmas party.  They’ve had him in their crosshairs since his election without pause and Trump has made it clear from the beginning he had no use for them either:

The propagandist media has consistently reported, in the most salacious manner imaginable, every accusation made against Donald Trump as though the evidence is conclusive of his guilt.  

In each instance, after special counsel Robert Mueller has failed to make the case no mea culpa or apology was forthcoming.  The allegations linger as though if Mueller is given enough time and resources he will eventually prove them to be true.

The most recent example is the attempt to conflate a legal transaction between private citizens Trump and Stormy Daniels into a campaign finance violation.

Any first year law student knew that from the beginning there was nothing to this allegation, yet the get-Trump media has gone all-in claiming this is the felony that will drive him from office.

Only one thing; According to the law, as long as the expenditure can be tied to a legitimate reason – other than the campaign – it’s not a crime.  The propagandists fail to tell you that NDA’s are done all the time in business and that Trump had entered into many in the past in the regular course of running his business.

The charges become even more ludicrous once you learn that Trump paid the costs of those NDA’s personally.  

On the same day that the president rescinded the press’ Christmas invitation he sat down for an interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner where he dropped a bomb on the media for going after him when Congress – and Obama – are culpable for doing far worse:

Trump is seen handing Faulkner what appeared to be copies of different news reports and saying:

“Every lawyer – look, ‘Trump didn’t violate campaign finance laws, and neither did the president.’

“Michael Cohen pled guilty to something that’s not even a crime.  Wait a minute…

“Nobody except me would be looked at like this.  Nobody.”

Then Trump went for the jugular:

“What about Congress – the slush fund?  Millions and millions of dollars paid out each year.  They have a slush fund… millions!

“They don’t talk about campaign finance anything.  Have you ever heard about campaign finance laws? Have they listed that on their campaign finance sheets?  No!”

Seventeen and a quarter million dollars were spent to hide the sexual peccadilloes – including rape – in 264 reported incidents.

Trump then turned his guns on Obama to illustrate how the press covered up his far more egregious violation:

“President Obama had a really big one, ten times more money.  Much more money. And you know what?

“He paid a fine.”

Trump is the first Republican president with the balls to confront the media and they hate him for it.  

They’re so determined to bring him down that whoever suffers as collateral damage doesn’t matter to them.