Last Night President Trump Made Clear the Globalist Movement Has Corrupted Everything In Its Path

Elder Patriot – Besides taking his usual swipe at the dishonest media during last night’s rally in Pensacola, Florida President Trump was repeated cheered by the crowd during the more than one hour he spent listing the accomplishments of his first 11 months in office and the campaign promises he had filled.

The president has the economy soaring with $5 trillion in wealth having been created just on the Dow Jones Industrials newfound optimism.  That’s real money for Americans counting on their pensions and their 401K’s to be there when they need them.

The president has instilled that same optimism in America’s job creators giving them the confidence to create 2.2 million new jobs.

That’s happened without the tax cuts that were a central part of his platform but that he cannot deliver with Congress, specifically Congressional Republicans.  Trump did remind his supporters he was not abandoning his tax cut pledge that is the major piece of his effort to put Americans back to work.

He’s pulled us out of multiple transnational treaties that ceded our sovereignty to foreign bureaucrats or tribunals that we couldn’t control.

And, to assert that commitment to preserving U.S. sovereignty he’s pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord, the United Nations Immigration Compact, and he reasserted his commitment to building the wall along our Southern Border.

Just this week he fulfilled America’s 22-year promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a move that the U.S. Senate confirmed its bi-partisan commitment to with a 90-0 vote in June of this year.

Where Obama was intent on, both, funding the U.N. and surrendering control of our decision-making to it, Trump has basically told the U.N. they’re on their own.

Trump removed the handcuffs from our troops and ordered them to destroy ISIS.  They have been driven out of Iraq and Syria in less than 10 months.

His handling of North Korea isn’t completed yet but remember that it’s a two decades old hotspot that Bill Clinton fostered and succeeding presidents let fester.

His de-nuclearizing of North Korea will go a long way towards doing the same in Iran.

There was more, a whole lot more, but you get the idea.

As I reflected on the president’s word last night I began wondering why a president elected to manage the affairs of the United States who already had this many early accomplishments could be the subject of so much hate, vitriol, disinformation, and scorn from the entirety of the mainstream media, Hollywood, and almost Washington’s entire political establishment?

And why in the world would our intelligence community be running headlong into an empty alley to find something, virtually anything, with which to discredit him when there’s so many far more obvious undertakings for them to concentrate their efforts on?

While it’s expected that some in the media and the Congress might not agree with one part or another of the president’s agenda it’s simply inconceivable that any clear-thinking patriot could look at the sum total of his accomplishments to date and trash everything he has done.

Yet, that is exactly what in going on.  The MSM, the Democrats and too many Republicans have used literally every opportunity, every minute of airtime, every drop of ink, trashing this president.

How could that be?  Why would that be?

There’s only one explanation and it’s scary to contemplate but solidly supported by what we’re witnessing.

Whatever imaginary or real personal transgressions the MSM and the Washington establishment contend they detest Donald Trump for committing he was never credibly accused of rape and he never was forced to pay an $850,000 settlement for his sexual aggression and he was never disbarred for lying to a grand jury.  Neither was he known for cruising gay nightclubs and spending time in all male steam baths.

The media ignored those presidents who did.  The only reason I could imagine was that those presidents believed less in America and more in the international community.

Then there’s the Deep State’s war against Trump.

Whatever evidence the intelligence community is looking for – specifically via Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s thinly veiled efforts to conduct a coup against this president –  it hasn’t found anything.  The MSM’s effort to make something out of nothing in support of this attempted overthrow of President Trump has become overtly evident by the stunningly irresponsible (desperate?) reporting that has left star reporters with egg on their face.

Just this week the MSM breathlessly ran with fake news on Michael Flynn, an alleged Deutsche Bank subpoena that never was, and this crapper – a Donald Trump Jr. email. 

The Don Jr. email story is laughable in light of Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails that resulted only in Mrs. Clinton having to sit through a discussion with Peter Strzok and nothing more.

All of last week’s “shocking revelations” were the result of amateurish reporting mistakes, which leads to the conclusion that Trump’s enemies have about run out of bullets and are now flooding the news with false reports intended to defame our president in a last ditch effort to impugn as many people’s opinion of him as possible.

The only explanation left at this point is that there does indeed exist a massive Globalist movement, more massive in its financing and control of our government than we could’ve imagined. 

Where did the money for this come from?  How about the $10 trillion in debt accumulated under Obama without a budget or any accountability in place?  How about Obama’s economic policies that saw the greatest transfer of wealth in American history from the people to the centers of power?

Forget the MSM’s bullshit, they shill for the globalists who own their networks and pay their salaries.  The war against President Trump is based solely on his insistence to put America First.