KIM CAVES… Maybe: North Korean Dictator Asks For Talks Under Pressure From Trump to Disarm

Elder Patriot – In what is becoming an almost daily ritual, President Trump’s detractors in Congress and the mainstream media have been proven wrong again. 

The entire anti-Trump community had been deriding the president as ill prepared for dealing with his role as commander in chief, particularly with respect to the growing military aggression from North Korea. 

Trump has been the butt of ridicule for placing North Korea under ever intensifying economic sanctions and threats of military action in an attempt to get its dictator Kim Jong-un to relent to denuclearization talks.

Yesterday, after meetings with their South Korean counterparts, S.K. National Security Director announced that Kim appears to have acquiesced:

“[North Korea] made it clear that while dialogue is continuing, it will not attempt any strategic provocations, such as nuclear and ballistic missile tests.”

“The North side clearly affirmed its commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and said it would have no reason to possess nuclear weapons should the safety of its regime be guaranteed and military threats against North Korea removed

President Trump is a master negotiator and that was reflected in his cautiously optimistic expression of skepticism that warned Kim might simply be buying time:

President Trump is well aware that Kim’s nuclear program is very near full development and he is not likely to let Kim use a period of negotiations as a delaying tactic in order to give his scientists time to bring it to maturity.

While his hide-their-heads-in-the-sand critics follow the Neville Chamberlain path that tried negotiating with Adolph Hitler while he built a massive war machine that led to World War II and 60 million deaths, President Trump is following the advice of Winston Churchill who once said:

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” 

If only Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, or B. Hussein Obama had the same resolve when they were called upon.