Kid Rock Kicks Off Senate Run With Establishment Bashing Tweet – Meet Michigan’s Next Republican Senator

ELDER PATRIOT – Debbie Stabenow is Michigan’s current Senator and she will be up for re-election next November.  She voted for Obamacare – the 2700-page healthcare takeover that she never read before voting for it that has resulted in skyrocketing premiums and deductibles – and has now joined with other obstructionist Dems in refusing to even discuss helping President Trump fix it.

One of her constituents has had enough and is going to use his celebrity to send the dried up commie wannabe into retirement.  Last week, Kid Rock announced his candidacy for the seat she currently occupies though for all she’s done since Trump was inaugurated the seat just as well could’ve been empty.
As these pompous elites did with Donald Trump when he announced his candidacy they have been quick to dismiss it as a publicity stunt.  Good luck to them if they want to deny reality. 

Politics isn’t rocket science.  It’s not even “political science” though our centers of higher indoctrination call it that.  It’s a mix of common sense and blood sport.

After his first campaign tweet we know Kid Rock is long on common sense:

Rock released the following statement via his Facebook page after his candidacy had been dismissed as a publicity stunt:

“Senator Stabenow and I do share a love of music, although probably not the same kind. I concede she is better at playing politics than I am so I’ll keep doing what I do best, which is being a voice for tax paying, hardworking AMERICANS and letting politicians like her know that We the People are sick and tired of their bullshit!” 

All that’s left now is to see if Kid Rock has the intestinal fortitude to withstand the bloodletting that will be directed in his direction between now and the election in 2018.  If he can give as good as he takes he will be Michigan’s next United States Senator.  I say this with the confidence of a man who said Donald Trump would win the White House in July of 2015.