“Key Dems Freaking Out” As Hillary’s Support is Plummeting Threatening Their Entire Ticket

ELDER PATRIOT – A yet to be released poll that has been widely circulated among Connecticut Republican powerbrokers shows Donald Trump tied with Hillary Clinton in the Nutmeg State.  Obama carried Connecticut with over 58% of the vote in 2012.  This shows a monumental shift in the direction of how negatively the electorate views Mrs. Clinton.

This and other internal polls caused key Democrats on Capitol Hill to call for a private meeting with the former Secretary of State.

One Democratic senator summed it up in only five words, “Some people were freaked out.”  Another Democrat said there was also “a mention of the Florida poll,” that revealed an 11-point swing over the last month in Trump’s favor putting him in the lead.

Mrs. Clinton could only say there were other issues and that people are unhappy and they don’t trust institutions, according to the aforementioned senator.  The fact that she headed one of the institutions that they no longer trust escaped the former First Lady’s reasoning.

Adding to Hillary’s woes is another poll by Mercury Analytics that indicates 20% of Democrats nationwide are considering crossing over to vote for Donald Trump.  While there are always voters that cross party lines in presidential elections, 20% is inordinately high and would spell doom for her campaign.

The Senate Democrats are right to be worried.  Mrs. Clinton has outspent Trump by a 15-1 ration overall and by a 40-1 ratio in nine key battleground states and yet Trump leads or is tied in all of them.

Of particular concern to the Democrat senators in attendance who are running for re-election this year is a University of Virginia’s Center for Politics study that shows just how high the correlation is between success at the top of the ticket and the senator on the ballot in each state.  The person elected president historically pulls 78% of the senators running for office that year across the finish line with him.

The Connecticut poll was conducted by the Harper Polling Firm and they have proven to be highly accurate in the past.  Unlike most polls conducted by the mainstream media this is a highly scientific poll determined to find the truth and not conducted with the intention of moving public opinion.