Kavanaugh Hearings Cause America to Turn on Dems

Elder Patriot – Two newly released polls indicate that Democrats are going to pay a steep price for their unsubstantiated attempt to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.  

In West Virginia, Democrats are taking a beating across virtually every important voting group.  The only group where Democrats have seen their support increase is among confirmed democrats – who lost in 2016 by 40 points.

Even then, the cost of destroying a man’s life and family was only worth a modest 3-point swing.  Women who have been watching closely support Kavanaugh by a 17-point margin, 52%-35%.

As we predicted last week, these are momma bears with sons, brothers, and husbands to protect.  Interestingly, that’s the same percentage of women (momma bears or, as they were calling back then, security moms) that supported Donald Trump in 2016 because of his call for border security, an end to ludicrous illegal immigration, and respect for law enforcement.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin will either vote to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court or his political career will be over before he goes to sleep on November 6th.

In another battleground state, Missouri, Republican challenger Josh Hawley has surged ahead of Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill by two points since her announcement to vote to deny Kavanaugh a Supreme Court seat.

Hawley now leads McCaskill 48%-46% in a poll conducted by Missouri Scout that was conducted over two days, from Wednesday, September 26 to Thursday, September 27.

The poll measured the effect of the Thursday hearing where accuser Christine Blasey-Ford and nominee Brett Kavanaugh both got to tell their stories.

Keep in mind Blasey-Ford was handled with kid gloves and her answers were never challenged in an aggressive manner while Judge Kavanaugh was ruthlessly attacked by his Democrat opponents for hours on end.

Nevertheless, the poll revealed that 49 percent of likely voters said that Kavanaugh’s confirmation process has made them less likely to vote for McCaskill, while only 42 percent said it made them more likely to vote for her.

And, those momma bears have become equally disgusted with McCaskill with 47% of female respondents saying the confirmation process has made them less likely to vote for McCaskill, while only 42 percent said it made them more likely to.

The Democrats are not so stupid that they didn’t fear this electoral blowback was a strong possibility but desperate times call for desperate actions.

As Trump moves towards declassifying the FISA application, Bruce Ohr’s 302’s, and all of the communications (personal or otherwise) related to the Russia investigation that were exchanged between James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr, Democrats realized just how vulnerable they were.

And, how vulnerable their deep state networks had now become.

So they looked for leverage to stop President Trump and settled upon their best hope as attacking his Supreme Court nominee until the nomination was in doubt.  From there they would offer to back off in exchange for the president abandoning his declassification order.

In retrospect, that was the likely reason for Rod Rosenstein’s unannounced White House visit last Monday.  

Applying Occam’s razor principle (the simplest solution tends to be the right one), that explains the NY Times report the Friday prior that Rosenstein wanted to wear a wire when he met with Trump.  For good measure, they added the nonsensical charge that Rosenstein had also floated applying the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to have Trump’s cabinet remove him from office.

We originally believed that to be a ploy to entice the president to fire Rosenstein that would likely result in the reopening of obstruction charges.  That may have been in their thinking but the more prominent reason was to make a plausible excuse for Rosenstein to be at the White House in advance of the Kavanaugh hearing.  

Remember there was confusion at the time whether President Trump summoned him to the White House when, in fact, the president sent him away until after the Kavanaugh hearings were to be concluded.  That’s not the action of any executive intent on firing someone – especially President Trump.

By blocking the door to the White House, and refusing to listen to the offer, it looks like Trump and America will get both his eminently qualified Supreme Court pick and the evidence that will destroy the Democratic Socialists of America and the deep state that prop up these corrupt politicians.