Kavanaugh Hearing: Democrats’ Evil Exposed

Elder Patriot – If yesterday’s hearing fails to serve as an inflection point in the trajectory of our politics we are doomed as a free country.  There has never been a greater example of the evil that Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media embody than what we witnessed yesterday.

The propaganda puppets within the mainstream media had prepared us for evil  “old white men” running roughshod over a sex crime survivor in order to advance their equally uncaring Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

What we saw, instead, were the tables being reversed.

The Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee brought in female sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell who is experienced in showing compassion to victims of physical assault.  Her specialty is in gently extracting the evidence needed to determine if a crime was committed and whether the right person has been identified as the attacker.

Mitchell gently did exactly that and in the process painlessly exposed a number of inconsistencies in accuser Christine Blasey-Ford’s story:

  • Dr. Ford traveled between 6 and 8 miles to her home but she could not remember how she got home.  Is there another witness she is preventing the committee from interviewing?
  • During her therapy sessions she never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh’s name.  When asked whether she provided notes from those sessions to the Washington Post, who she contacted over the summer to tell her story to, she couldn’t remember.  Keep in mind this is 36 years removed from the trauma of whatever happened that night but she claims she couldn’t recall.
  • Dr. Ford’s recall of the events surrounding her polygraph, again performed over this past summer, were unusually sketchy.  She claimed the procedure was mouch longer than she anticipated but the person who administered the test told Fox News’ Shannon Bream he asked only two questions.

Dr. Ford also couldn’t recall whether the session had been video recorded even though the polygraph had been administered in her hotel room meaning that every piece of equipment used had to brought in and set-up while she watched and waited.

  • Dr. Ford also claimed to fear flying – the reason for the ten day delay in her appearance before the committee –  but she admitted to flying across the country and to Hawaii and other vacation spots regularly. In fact, immediately after the polygraph was finished she was scheduled to hop another flight.

When asked by Mitchell who paid, or who would be paying for the polygraph she had no idea.  That’s just not believable.

Rachel Mitchell was so effective that the Democrats’ propaganda puppets didn’t even realize Dr. Ford had also extracted damning evidence proving Senator Dianne Feinstein’s management of Dr. Ford’s story for maximum delay to the confirmation hearings.

When Mitchell had finished the talking head Marxists told us the Republicans on the committee had blundered badly and hadn’t laid a glove on their star victim.  In fact, their star victim had been eviscerated by the experienced sex crimes prosecutor.

We know, because Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal told us so, that if a person is caught lying in one instance then everything that person tells us is also suspect.

All the while Democrats spent their time promoting their newly minted legal standard that the claims of an accuser trumps the rights of the accused to a fair and impartial hearing and a fair and impartial jury.

What we witnessed yesterday was a morality play targeting not just Brett Kavanaugh, but every American who deigns to question liberal orthodoxy.  This threatens every American, their parents, children and siblings.

The fact that Democrats brought forth a deeply flawed accuser to tar and feather a good Christian family man simply because of his conservative bona fides must not go unnoticed by the broader American electorate because sooner or later they’ll be coming for you.

Fortunately for these elected Marxists their new standard will not be applied to them when their roles in conspiring to hide the corruption of the Obama administration and to elect Hillary Clinton to hide their involvement becomes evident.