Just One Question: What Would The MSM’s Reaction Have Been If…

ELDER PATRIOT – A different meme had made the rounds a couple of months ago?

You remember back then, don’t you when CNN and the rest of the MSM were body slamming and throwing everything including the kitchen sink at President Trump?

  • Trump’s White House was in disarray, they said.
  • Leaks were coming from everywhere, they said.
  • He colluded with the Russians, they said.
  • He obstructed justice, they said.
  • He was going to abandon NATO, they said.
  • He was a foreign policy disaster, they said.
  • He was going to be impeached, they said.

Well something happened on the MSM’s drive to destroying Trump.

Trump followed the WWE’s time tested morality play that is scripted into every championship match.  After being roundly beaten by the evil opponent and when all seemed lost, Trump – like every great champion since Bruno Sammartino – found the intestinal fortitude to rally and submit his opponent.

CNN is done.  The rest of the MSM is not far behind.  And, Trump has a right to gloat because he did it alone.  One man against the system.  Like Buford Pusser.

If you don’t like Trump’s style that’s because you never contemplated what draining the swamp would be like, especially, without the backing of Republican leadership.

Heck, he didn’t even have the backing of Brent Bozell whose Media Research Center spent hundreds of millions of dollars over 25 years trying to expose the abject progressive bias of the MSM.

If you think Trump should “tone it down a little” then why hasn’t Brent Bozell been president – or his business partner, Rush Limbaugh?

Rush said it yesterday and he’s 100% correct: “This is what draining the swamp looks like.”  If you don’t have the stomach for it then just shut up and stand aside.  It’s likely that if Americans had seen a video of D-Day before committing to sending their sons into war they would’ve told FDR he was on his own.

We’re into draining the swamp now and there can be no turning back.  Suck it up.  We have finally found our leader which means now is not the time to go wobbly.