Just In: ‘Official’ Vegas Shooter’s Timeline Changes – Official Narrative Crumbles

Elder Patriot – Yesterday afternoon Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who has been front and center in releasing information to the public about Stephen Paddock’s killing spree, changed his story. 

Lombardo now says that Mandalay Bay hotel-casino security guard Jesus Campos heard Paddock drilling into an adjacent wall when he approached Paddock’s room.  According to Campos that was before Paddock began firing into the crowd.

This changes everything.  In a Las Vegas hotel, where there are more cameras and security personal than virtually anywhere in the world, where the staffs are trained to watch everything and can even detect card counters, this new revelation blows the lid off everything we’ve been told.

The Timeline as reported by Fox News on October 6th:

The only problem is it was all a lie and Lombardo knew it when he confirmed the timeline later.

Business Insider is now reporting that:

 Investigators now believe that Jesus Campos encountered Stephen Paddock and was fired upon at 9:59 p.m. local time — six minutes before Paddock began firing on the crowd of concertgoers.

A security guard wounded when he approached Stephen Paddock’s room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Sunday night is being credited with distracting the gunman, possibly stopping him from continuing to shoot at crowds near the Las Vegas Strip, 32 floors below, a Las Vegas law-enforcement official said on Friday.

The security guard, Jesus Campos, was released from the hospital on Thursday.

Campos was patrolling the halls of the hotel and was responding to reports of a “door alarm,” Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said.

Once Campos got to the shooter’s floor, he found the stairwells barricaded. As Campos neared the gunman’s room, he was shot in the upper right thigh.

Paddock, who was armed with a cache of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition, had “fired through the door, striking Mr. Campos,” said David Hickey, the president of the hotel’s security-guard union. Police later discovered that Paddock had set up cameras in the hallway to monitor activity outside his room.

“He notified his dispatch, which was absolutely critical to us, knowing the location, as well as advising the responding officers as they arrived,” McMahill said of Campos.

Why were Campos’ calls for backup ignored in a hotel where a cross word to another person is responded to by a team of security guards? 

Campos began taking fire before Paddock opened fire on the concertgoers.  That places the time Paddock began firing on him at approximately 10:00 pm.

Why in the world did it take one hour and twenty minutes for the LVPD to breech his room?

This absolute distortion now brings into question other anomalies that might’ve been more easily dismissed had something so fundamental as a false timeline never been used to obscure the truth in the first place.

Immediately following the shooting we reviewed various eyewitness videos that had been posted to Facebook that called into question the presence of at least one additional shooter

Craig Sawyer is a former Navy SEAL leader and a top ballistics expert and federal criminal investigator.  He asked his friend who has computers with special programs to analyze the gunfire.  Sawyer is convinced that:

Even though you’re listening to the echoes and even though you’re listening to it after the fact through a microphone that does just change that acoustic signature, it’s still apparent there was more than one shooter.

…You hear [gunshots] very muffled, very far away and then all the sudden, shortly thereafter, you hear very loud, very distinct [gunshots]. That’s a far engagement and a close engagement.

…I feel confident that we’re hearing more than one shooter.

The following video containing what they claim to be audio of a police scanner suggests that additional machine gun fire took place 39 minutes after Stephen Paddock was found dead in his hotel room:

Whether it is legitimate or not may be questionable but in light of the outright lies of the official narrative this should not be dismissed so easily. 

Keep in mind when doing your own research that a shooting did occur at the Bellagio earlier this year that is now being used by some conspiracy peddlers to mislead viewers into believing that it occurred the same night as the Harvest 91 Music Festival.

Now, the next piece of evidence is not conclusive of much until you realize that that the owner of the Mandalay Bay, MGM Resorts International is one of the most powerful political players on the Las Vegas strip including ownership of the Bellagio, the MGM Grand, The Mirage, as well as the Mandalay Bay. 

Was MGM working in concert with the FBI and the LVPD?

This Matching Gift Program flyer was taken from the wall of the human resources department inside the Mandalay Bay.  It reads like a who’s who of un-American hate groups. 

Where is the American Cancer Society, the Red Cross, or even Feed the Children?

Since the shooting stopped, and Sheriff Lombardo began trying to explain things, there have been too many explanations that don’t square with eyewitness accounts.  The final straw for the official narrative has come with the changed timeline. 

An hour and twenty-minute response time to an active shooter situation, whose exact location SWAT and other tactical units knew from the outset, doesn’t pass the smell test.

Whether or not eyewitness accounts contradicting the official narrative are accurate or not doesn’t excuse the authorities deliberately lying to the American people.  We deserve the truth and it’s clear we’re not getting the truth.  Why should we accept anything they tell us now?