ELDER PATRIOT – Mark Prichard was arrested outside of the Tuscon office of United States Senator Jeff Flake for committing Criminal Trespass in the 3rd Degree and Threats and Intimidation, according to Pima County Sheriff’s Dept. spokesman Dep. Cody Gress.  The charges should be expanded to include making terrorist threats to an officer of the United States government.

Flake’s communications director, Jason Samuels reported that Prichard and one of Flake’s staffers engaged in this exchange:

Prichard: You know how liberals are going to solve the Republican problem?

Staffer: No.

Prichard: They are going to get better aim.  That last guy tried, but he needed better aim.  We will get better aim.

Prichard’s actions can no longer be dismissed as those of a lone deranged progressive lunatic in the same way that the MSM tried to convince us James Hodgkinson acted when he shot U.S. Representative Steve Scalise.  A pattern has emerged and Prichard’s words stand as a blatant acknowledgement that they are prepared to kill anyone who stands in the way of the public policy they want.

The Tucson Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America confirmed their approval of using violence when they released this statement,  “Protesters to Risk Arrest in Sen. Jeff Flake’s Office to Save Health Care for Millions of Americans.”

There you have it – Democracy ends when Democrats lose.  Elections mean nothing to them

Like it or not, Americans voted to repeal Obamacare and we expect it to be repealed.  Any use of violence or intimidation to prevent that from happening no longer conforms to the limits of a legal protest and enters into the realm of anarchy.

Any politician who caves to such pressure isn’t worthy of the high office he has been entrusted with.

Evidence continues mounting that violence has been a central part of the Democratic Party’s strategy to maintain and now regain power for more than two years. 

Democrats had successfully employed the use of violence to bring down President Nixon, and now Democrats are resorting back to their old playbook in an effort to neuter President Trump’s bold agenda to renew America’s greatness by threatening those who may be disposed to help him.

If our politicians fail to deliver on their campaign promises because of threats from the loser burnouts who are still romanticizing over their successes of the sixties and seventies, then they’ll be facing the ire of the Republican rank and file who played by the rules and who do know how to aim.