Just In: Biggest Mass Shooting In America’s History 500+ Casualties, Now Our Worst Fears Have Been Confirmed

Elder Patriot – As the fog lingers over the most horrific mass shooting in America’s history at last night’s concert by country music star Jason Aldein only one thing is certain, the shooter(s) had to believe they were targeting conservatives. 

With more than 550 people dead or injured the authorities were quick to announce that this was a lone wolf attack. 

But, with ISIS now claiming that the dead shooter was a convert to radical Islam and no one else stepping up to take responsibility the Islamic State’s assertion must be investigated.

Listen to the alleged shooter’s brother:

(Displaying virtually total disbelief) This is like an asteroid fell from the sky.  He had no machine guns when I moved him from Melbourne to Mesquite.  Find out who gave… who he bought the machine guns from.  He had a couple of guns and he might’ve had one long rifle but he had no automatic weapons that I knew of at any time.

Someone, or some group had to have supplied Stephen Paddock with those fully automatic weapons.  While automatic weapons are legal in Nevada the price of even a single fully automatic M-16 runs beyond $10,000 with other rifles oft times costing multiples of that amount.

It’s almost hard to fathom one man acting alone being able to cause this much carnage.  Listen closely at the 2:40 second point of this VIDEO

There appears to be overlapping gunfire with a different weapon.  This is repeated later in the video as well.

There are serious questions that must be answered:

  • Where did Stephen Paddock get this amount of expensive firepower?
  • After listening to the audio, can we be sure he was the only shooter?
  • Was he on psychotropic drugs?
  • Was Islamic State involved?  Had he converted to Islam in the past few months as IS claimed.

At this point there’s only one thing that is certain, conservatives were targeted, whether intentionally or not. 

Are we going to learn that Stephen Paddock is another James Hodgkinson, the man moved to shoot Republicans by the constant drumbeat from the mainstream media?