John McCain is a Liar and a Fraud

Elder Patriot – Four states – California, New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland – suck up 40% of Obamacare funding.  Arizona isn’t one of them. 

So, when Arizona Senator John McCain announced he wouldn’t vote for a fairer distribution of funding for the folks who elected him – in the form of block grants to the states to manage as they see fit – he admitted that his re-election campaign was built on a lie.

The announcer claims that, “John McCain is leading the fight to stop Obamacare.”

Bullshit to that.  Arizonans last year faced as much as a 116% increase for some plans. 

Ed Morrisey writing about the failure of healthcare in Arizona asks:

How does one justify more than doubling the monthly premiums of a plan that has fewer provider choices? So far, the administration hasn’t even bothered to justify it, only stating that most of the ObamaCare exchange consumers will end up paying much less, thanks to extensive taxpayer-provided subsidies. But that doesn’t solve the problem — it just shifts the massive price increases to all taxpayers instead.

McCain’s refusal to vote for anything that might help end the horror of Obamacare puts him in the company of Barack Obama and the Democrats.  Worse, he’s giving a huge middle finger to the people who he swore to represent.

Listen to this fraud screech about the “exercise in sleaze” that was used to pass Obamacare:

“This was the sleaziest process I have ever seen in my years as a United States senator.  The Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, taking lobbyists into the Blair House and bludgeoning them into supporting Obamacare no wonder the American people are sick and tired of that.”

Now McCain is complaining that the repeal bill hasn’t been crafted with a bi-partisan effort either.  No shit.  The same Democrats who shoved this monstrosity down our throats are now blocking any – repeat any – attempt to make even the slightest adjustment to help struggling American families.  And McCain was the final vote in ensuring the Dems were successful.

As far as kickbacks are concerned, McCain has arranged for enough Obamacare subsidies, paid for by Americans in other states or piled onto our national debt – so that enough Arizonans out-of-pocket healthcare expenses have been mitigated… for now.

McCain has once again proven to be a fraud.  At least Democrats tell us that they’re Marxists before we vote for them.

But, this should come as no surprise.  McCain’s entire life has been a fraud.  He trashed multiple planes during his days in the military.  If his father hadn’t been the Navy Admiral serving as Commander of the Pacific Command he’d have been relegated to desk duty or drummed out of the Navy altogether.

Even his presidential campaign was fraught with lies.  Remember his claim that he would fight “generational theft?”  While the nation plunges deeper in debt what the hell is Obamacare if it’s not generational theft?  In fact, the plan that increased by 116% was nothing if it wasn’t generational theft:

“In Arizona, unsubsidized premiums for a hypothetical 27-year-old buying a benchmark “second-lowest cost silver plan” will jump by 116 percent, from $196 to $422, according to the administration report.”

Rest assured, there wasn’t a sudden jump in the health problems of Arizona’s young people.

McCain’s complaint that the replacement isn’t perfect and that it hadn’t been arrived at through bi-partisan cooperation is disingenuous at best.  Nothing is ever perfect – especially the debt ceiling increases McCain voted for religiously.  As far as demanding bi-partisanship in crafting a replacement why didn’t the he – the Dems favorite Republican – reach across the aisle to guarantee that it was?

The answer: Because he’s doing the work of the intransigent Dems.  That’s the way the swamp works.

After his late night destruction of the first Obamacare repeal bill in July, rank and file Republicans realized what a fraud he is.  An August poll conducted by Quinnipiac University reveals on 39% of Republicans approve of the Arizona senator.  Democrats, however, love the man giving him a 74% approval rating.

McCain is a bitter, angry liar.  There’s no place in American politics for that.