Jeff Bezos and His Companies are Tools of the C.I.A.’s Anti-Trump Forces

ELDER PATRIOT – Immediately following Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the financially distressed Washington Post for an estimated $300 million, the C.I.A. entered into a contract with Bezos’ other major holding, Amazon for $600 million. 

The money ostensibly is being paid to Amazon Web Services to develop a private computing cloud that will service all 17 agencies that make up the intelligence community.

Am I the only one who finds this a dangerous departure from past security measures that at least attempted to insure the privacy rights of Americans?  Or, is the purchase a deliberate attempt by the C.I.A. to buy total editorial control over one of America’s two major newspapers?

Bezos’ desire to spend close to a third of a billion dollars for a failing business didn’t make sense when he completed the purchase of the WaPo.  In light of Amazon’s deal that netted a profit in excess of $300 million it doesn’t pass the smell test.

The WaPo has abandoned any semblance of balanced editorial content running as many as 20 severely anti-Trump articles critical of the new president on some days.

It’s as though the Deep State is writing the articles themselves.  Maybe they are.

Irrespective of that, even if there were no overlap between the WaPo and Amazon Web Services there is something terribly discomforting about a private company that has personal information on hundreds of millions of private citizens potentially sharing that information with the C.I.A.

Additionally, the fact that Bezos’ has used the WaPo to discredit President Trump, even if they have to resort to making up its incriminated accusations, as well as his sworn resistance to the president’s agenda makes him a natural ally of the Deep State.  And, therein lies another threat to America. 

The Deep State is almost apoplectic over the Dow’s exuberant ascension in expectation of President Trump’s commitment to cutting both taxes and regulations realizing that if Trump is successful in restoring prosperity to a wide swath of America’s working class their push for a globalist government will be over for another quarter century.

Right now there is only one sector of the economy that isn’t participating in the market’s three trillion dollar increase in capitalization, the retail sector.  One on-line retailer in particular is responsible of destroying the bricks and mortar retail sector eliminating, in the process, many of the jobs that college educated young people had been forced to settle for.

That on-line retailer is Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.

Do you still think that you didn’t buy a bill of goods when you accepted the mantras, “Too big to fail” or, the libertarians’ view that private companies have the right to grow as big and as oppressive as their owners want?