It’s Hard to Find Daylight Between Fauci and Trump on the Issue of Decoupling From China

Sometimes it’s difficult to reconcile the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci’s comments with ones he made previously.

That, as well as other statements he made in the past, has led to confusion about Dr. Fauci’s intentions.  

As a member of President Trump’s coronavirus task force – a virus that originated in Wuhan, China – any perceived disagreement with President Trump supplies political fodder for those trying to drive a wedge between the president and his team of experts.

There seems to be one important aspect – perhaps the most important aspect –  of President Trump’s America First agenda, however, that Dr. Fauci agrees with the president about… the need for greater American independence from foreign governments.

He may not have said that directly, but what else could the takeaway be after his conversation with Jesse Watters on Saturday…

The information we got from China… “That was misinformation.”

While answering a related question about how to circumvent person-to-person transmission, Dr. Fauci said…

“So one of those things that you look at is how do you cut that off?  And the best way to do that is to have physical separation…”

Dr. Fauci is a medical professional.  He’s not a politician. As a doctor and scientist, his opinion is constantly evolving to account for new data.  Politicians, especially conservative politicians like President Trump are given no such allowance. 

Politicians are supposed to clean up the mess left behind by “experts” following the scientific method and to develop strategies that will limit future catastrophes of the same kind.  That doesn’t often happen.

We already know that former President Barack Obama left the current president without the stockpiles of personal protective equipment (PPE), medicines, ventilators, and hospital beds necessary to immediately address the needs of the American people during the next pandemic… an event everyone knew was in our not-too-distant future.  One that is already here.

The possibility of a biological attack was originally ascribed to terrorists and was addressed by the Bush administration following 9/11. 

Exacerbating our situation today, under the Obama-Biden regime, the production of those essential medical supplies have been turned over to a hostile communist government, thereby giving our enemy significant leverage over American foreign policy.

Candidate Donald Trump recognized this threat to our national security and campaigned to return the production of essential products to American facilities.

Had President Trump been allowed to fulfill the mandate that voters gave to him in November 2016, a mandate to decouple essential manufacturing – medicines, PPE, ventilators, and diagnostic equipment – from control of the Chinese Communist Party, physical separation would have been much easier… and lives would have been saved.

We’ve been critical of Dr. Fauci many times in the past for his seemingly contradictory statements – often made on the same day.  But on the single most important issue confronting Americans’ future welfare, President Trump was right four years ago… heck, he was right in 1988…

… and Dr. Fauci apparently agrees… finally.