ISIS or Lone Wolf? Was The Surveillance State’s Failure Deliberate?

Elder Patriot – As the fog of war continues hanging over Las Vegas Boulevard the contradictory reporting has been activated.  That means you get to choose what you believe.  Which narrative makes you most comfortable?

The FBI is denying any connection existed between the suspected shooter Stephen Paddock and ISIS.  ISIS is claiming the opposite and that Paddock converted to Islam a “few months ago.”  Of course, our massive surveillance state missed every clue leading up to this massacre so trusting them to tell us the truth now is somewhat questionable.

The suspect’s brother claimed he owned two handguns and a long rifle when he helped him move.  What happened in the interim?  What would possess a 64 y/o multi-millionaire to suddenly spend tens of thousands of dollars procuring 42 (at last count) rifles and then modifying them in order to be able to kill as many people as possible?

Why didn’t the ATF, the FBI, or any of the other alphabet soup domestic spy agencies flag Paddock, who was clearly building an arsenal, for more intense surveillance?

Why wasn’t security at least watching the comings and goings of guests who had rooms with windows that afforded access to the concert venue that was to become a killing zone?  After all, 23 rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition are kind of hard to miss even if you’re not looking for anything.

Quicken loans can okay me for a mortgage in five minutes, every ad I view as I surf the web is tailored to me based on the analysis of my personal metadata or what Alexis picked up in conversation, but the FBI, the ATF, and no one else gathering data on us – legally and illegally – picked up anything about Stephen Paddock?

Was Paddock taking psychiatric meds for emotional distress associated with aging or nothing?  I haven’t seen this addressed in any reports I’ve read.  Why?  There is certainly an undeniable correlative relationship between those taking psychiatric drugs and mass atrocities such as this one that cannot be ignored.

The mainstream media does its best to ignore the fact that most modern day mass shooters were either on SSRI anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-psychotics (often mixed with prescription pain-killers), or had been taking them but stopped and were in a withdrawal phase.

Is this because many of the media outlets’ richest financial sponsors are the same pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and market these drugs?  Virtually every commercial block has at least one ad for a pharmaceutical if not multiple ads.  No other industry comes close.  This level of financial dependence would explain the incredible editorial clout that Big Pharma has over the media.

What about Paddock’s female companion, Marilou Danley?  Was she interviewed and released as some reports claimed or is she out of the country as other accounts told us?

Considering the number of bullets fired and the extended time frame involved should the authorities be considering the potential that there was a second shooter or that he at least had an accomplice?

Listen closely at the 2:40 second point of this video:

There appears to be overlapping gunfire with a different weapon.  This is repeated later in the video as well.

It’s hard to fathom one man acting alone being able to cause this much carnage. 

What became of this young girl who claims she had been warned what was about to happen by a Hispanic-looking couple forty-five minutes prior to the first shots being fired?

Why has she disappeared?  If she had been warned that means there were at least two other people with knowledge of what was about to do down.  Why had those communications not been picked up?  If she is telling the truth then why did authorities escort the couple out and not follow up on the couple’s claim that mass carnage was about to take place?

The orchestrated attack on the NRA and gun ownership in general by Democrats in the immediate aftermath of the massacre also makes this highly suspicious.  Was the failure of the responsible agencies’ that conducted at least 30 background checks in rapid succession on Paddock to look deeper, purposeful?

Remember, the Second Amendment was not included in the Bill of Rights to protect the rights of hunters.  The Framers were clear that it was included to protect the citizens from tyranny in government.

Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence wrote in a letter to James Madison, the author of the Constitution, “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

The greatest protections we have to protect us from the modern surveillance state that is now under the control of Marxist-Globalists are our “military style” weapons.  And, no amount of false flag or other attacks would be worth trading our gun rights for.

Yet, on a day that should be reserved for reflection – mourning by those who suffered the loss of a loved one, or by security professionals asking how our already restrictive laws might have been better applied to have prevented this – the gun grabbers resorted to their same tired emotional pleas.

Sorry, but our guns are the only protection we have from… YOU! 

You’ve destroyed our healthcare, you’ve spent us tens (maybe hundreds) of trillions of dollars into debt, you’ve ignored our borders, you import “refugees” who you have no background information about, you force-integrate our neighborhoods, you release criminals into our midst, and you can’t even pick up clues on an American who is planning the most horrific attack in our nation’s history aside from 9/11.

And, you want our guns?  Screw you.