Is the Wuhan Virus a Chinese-DNC Counterinsurgency Effort?

Q has been making more and more sense as events unfold.  

If you have to ask who Q is… well… just keep reading.

Today, our attention was called to the January 2009 U.S. Government Counterinsurgency Guide that came at the end of the George W. Bush administration.Notice the term “Whole-of-Government” on the logo above.  President Trump began using that term consistently since discussing his administration’s total government response coordination.

From the Counterinsurgency Guide:

Irregular warfare is far more varied than conventional conflict: hence the importance of an intellectual framework that is coherent enough to provide guidance, and flexible enough to adapt to circumstances. Counterinsurgency places great demands on the ability of bureaucracies to work together, with allies, and increasingly, with non-governmental organizations….

If we have come to this conclusion, then the Chinese know we have come to this conclusion.  While the guide appears to describe techniques we would use abroad, it would be foolish to dismiss the possibility that it could be used against the current administration.

Not long after the attacks of 9/11 Americans agreed to the “Patriot Act.”  The result of which was the uncontrolled and total surveillance of innocent Americans while U.S. funds and arms found its way to ISIS.  As we saw, counterinsurgencies work… especially against peaceful countries.

Now comes the coronavirus direct from China.  A totalitarian government intent on world domination who were watching that goal get eroded by President Trump’s America First agenda. 

Complicating matters for President Trump, as he works his way through the possibility (likelihood?) that the Chinese Communists deliberately developed, incubated, and then launched COVID-19 on the world, as the first in a series of asymmetric warfare measures, knowing that their system of totalitarianism gives them a distinct advantage.

They have no opposition party similar to our Democratic Party.  Nor do they have an opposition media willing… or able… to engage Chairman Xi Jinping in the manner that the American media attacks President Trump every day.  The communist Chinese answer to no one.

On the other hand, President Trump has been faced with internal opposition from Democrats, often in direct opposition to common sense and the best interests of Americans… and a media that seems only too willing to do China’s dirty work.

Now consider the term “Whole-of-Government” approach.  

Democrats and their media allies are insisting that President Trump’s response to COVID be guided solely by Dr. Anthony Fauci, a medical professional.  I’m sure that’s the hope of the Chinese as well.  America’s economic collapse would please them all.

We’ve stated our problems with Dr. Fauci and the intentions of his single-minded approach before but American’s must realize that wars come with casualties.  If the sole guiding principle following Pearl Harbor was the preservation of lives, we’d now be under Japanese or German control.

Not many people know that we lost 29,000 men on the first day of the invasion of Normandy.  How many of today’s “cower-in-place” Americans would have the courage to go on after that?

The president, every president, must manage competing needs that often pull in different directions in order to leave the country in the best possible condition when the day is done.  Seldom is there a perfect solution.  

Those decisions are made more difficult when you’re forced to fight an enemy within… a silent enemy within.

Now consider the reaction to President Trump when he first began discussing the treatment possibilities using Hydroxychloroquine.  Some Democrat governors banned its use.  The media laughed derisively at the president in the most condescending manner.

Their reaction to President Trump’s hopeful statements about Hydroxychloroquine can now be viewed as a tell now that this paper featuring 22 scientific studies touting its successful use against COVID-19, has come to light.

Historical controls are used in many previous studies in medicine. In this respect, the safety of Hydroxychloroquine is well documented. When the safe use of this drug is projected against its apparent effect of decreasing the progression of early cases to ventilator use, it is difficult to understand the reluctance of the authorities in charge of U.S. pandemic management to recommend its use in early COVID-19 cases. The effects of the chloroquines were first outlined 15 years ago by the CDC’s own Special Pathogens Unit. 

This conclusion raises the question; Did the Communist Chinese, the DNC, and the mainstream media conspire together to inflict maximum damage to the reelection chances of President Trump while holding the cure in their back pockets?

Now consider what Democrats and the media would be saying about President Trump if Russia had released the virus, not China, and the president had sided with Russia in the same fashion that the Dems did with China.

Just another conspiracy theory.