Iran Promises to Release The Names of Western Officials Who Were Bribed to Pass Nuke Deal

Elder Patriot – We’ve been contending for some time that the goal of Hillary Clinton was to gain control over the United States’ Treasury.  We began the deep dive into that on November 9, 2016 the day after Trump’s election.

The Clinton’s success rested on dividing us by racial, ethnic, age, gender, sexual orientation, financial differences, and any other differences they found necessary.  We had been told that diversity was our strength but the Clinton’s, especially Hillary used it to divide us and weaken our determination and resolve to work on behalf of our country.

And, all the while she was using the tax dollars of America’s workers to bribe leaders around the world to help her grow her criminal enterprise.  With the help of B. Hussein Obama she almost succeeded.

We had reported on Michael Ledeen’s 2014 revelation that Hussein Obama intended to assist building Iran into a regional/global power even before he had been elected president in 2008.

“The actual strategy is detente first, and then a full alliance with Iran throughout the Middle East and North Africa.”

Ledeen, a former consultant to the United States National Security Council, the United States Department of State, and the United States Department of Defense, has serious foreign policy credentials.  Ledeen first became aware of Hussein Obama’s plans after Obama’s campaign had opened back-channel negotiations with Iran in the summer of 2008.

You read that correctly.  George W. Bush was still president and Obama, while a private citizen, violated the Logan Act at that time.  Bush chose to do nothing.  Later, he chose Obama over Trump.  Let that sink in while you continue reading.

This story begins way back during Bill Clinton’s presidency.  Grifters Bill and Hillary recognized the enormous potential to make money from terrorism.  People would be willing to pay virtually anything to keep their families safe.  And, with enough money virtually anyone’s allegiance – or silence – could be bought.  Or, silenced.

They were the first to recognize a terrorist organization, give it legitimacy, and begin funding it with your tax dollars.  That group was the PLO.  How much of that money found its way back to them is not yet known but the precedent had been set.  Under the pretense of seeking peace Americans would allow themselves to be fleeced.  For the Clintons is was game on.

Trillion dollar deficits, despite usurious taxes and record revenues to the federal treasury, followed until we have accumulated $18 Trillion more debt to leave to our children than was necessary.  How much of that money wound up in the hands of the global cabal – corrupted world leaders, elected and appointed and corporate, more than willing to enrich themselves at the expense of security and peace – that have been willing to destroy our children’s futures and with it America’s sovereignty is about to be exposed.

For the cabal, it was all business, nothing personal.  If that sounds like a line from a mob movie it should.

John Kerry’s recent and frantic (he’s crisscrossing Europe in a frenzy) intervention trying to save the Iran nuclear deal was more about saving the cabal from being exposed by President Trump than it was about preserving the $1.7 Billion in payoffs the U.S. taxpayers had funded to guarantee the cabal’s participation.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi Ansari confirmed our beliefs this past week when he warned Western officials that if they failed to apply enough pressure on President Trump to reverse his decision to scuttle the deal, the Iranian regime would leak the names of all Western officials who accepted payoffs to sellout their countrymen and the world community to accept the one-way deal.

The number of political leaders, both elected and appointed, and corporate CEO’s you are going to learn about is going to rock your trust in the rich and powerful and those you voted for to protect you from their evil.  They have already begun running for the exits with record resignations among both Congress and the filthy CEO’s involved.

Buckle up.