Interesting Week: Trump Scores Big Win for American Taxpayers – Media Wants Him Impeached

Elder Patriot – Among the secrets to success is the ability to prioritize the use of limited resources in its pursuit.  Trump understands this. The editors of mainstream media news outlets do as well.

Analyzing how people and entities allocate their resources gives us insight into their motives or stupidity.

That’s what makes the news the media has chosen to run with this week so revealing.  If we ever wanted evidence that the media does not represent the interests of American taxpayers then we have it this week.

On Tuesday, President Trump announced that he had broken the 20-year gridlock that resulted in out-of-control spending increases, that came along with the only funding option left to legislators – omnibus spending bills.

A key congressional insider left no doubt that the president deserves the credit for this breakthrough. “This is all driven by the president.  It’s a win for the president. For 20 years this system has been busted.”

Many others on Capitol Hill are giving Trump and his team the credit for breaking the 20-year log jam, as well.  They cite his refusal to sign another massive “omnibus” spending bill that ignored his priorities, even if it means shutting down the government.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were at his side in the White House when the announcement was made.

McConnell cited the passage of department spending packages as being particularly important because it’s the first step in providing a gage into where our tax dollars are going and how effectively they are being spent in pursuit of each department’s mandate.

This is yuuuge!  Especially since President Trump had recently threatened to allow the government to shut down – a euphemism for delaying unnecessary spend – if an agreement wasn’t reached.

This was a major win for hard working Americans who finally received some tax relief only to have Democrats promise to take it back if they regain control of Congress.

Adding to this is a personal win for President Trump – the inclusion of Trump’s key priorities on the wall along our southern border and on Pentagon spending.

So, what has the mainstream media chosen to use their limited resources on – time and column inches?  

Answer: Bob Woodward’s fictional account of a dysfunctional White House and, the NY Times anonymous op-ed bragging about being part of the sleeper cells within the government opposing Trump’s make America great again agenda.

Both have been used to restart the wholly unfounded calls for Trump’s impeachment based on mental incompetence.  For those too young to remember, or for those who just don’t want to remember, this is the same line of attack they used against Ronald Reagan.

Despite bellicose warnings that Reagan was a doddering old man who was always a danger to start a war, Ronaldo Magnus resorted to flexing the United States economic might to destroy the Soviet Union and to bring down the Berlin Wall with the use of the military.

Trump, like Reagan, has been using the economic might of America to reshape how we confront our enemies as any studied review of his handling of North Korea, China, and Iran reveals.

Who does this threaten other than the military-industrial complex and those who used our foreign policy to justify military interventions around the globe – including presidents H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George W Bush.  A tradition Hillary had promised to continue.

It’s way past time to consider just whose interests the multinational corporate, global banking, and foreign influenced media actually represents.