Inspector General: Mueller & Comey Chose Lead Investigator Based on Desire to Promote Hillary’s Presidential Campaign & Preserve the Swamp

Elder Patriot – FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page are real doozies.  The Justice Department’s Inspector General began investigating text messages between Strzok and Page and what they discovered forced Special Counsel Robert Mueller to remove both from his investigative team.

The texts not only revealed that Strzok and Page were having an extramarital affair but they held a deep-seated animus towards President Trump.

What is particularly unnerving about the revelation about Strzok’s personal political prejudice is he was the FBI’s lead investigator on the Clinton email investigation entrusted with interviewing the former secretary of state on July 2, 2016.

This goes a long ways towards explaining why Mrs. Clinton was never put under oath during that interview and no notes were taken to memorialize her statements.  The fix was in from the very beginning.

It was only days later when James Comey tanked the investigation that should’ve ended crooked Hillary’s presidential aspirations and landed her in jail.

According to a report in the New York Times Strzok was not only entrusted with the FBI’s efforts to protect swamp monster Hillary Clinton but also to destroy the man who promised to drain that swamp:

In late July [2016], the F.B.I. opened an investigation into possible collusion between members of Mr. Trump’s campaign and Russian operatives. Besides Mr. Comey and a small team of agents, officials said, only a dozen or so people at the F.B.I. knew about the investigation. Mr. Strzok, just days removed from the Clinton case, was selected to supervise it.

The Times report also confirmed that Strzok relied on the phony dossier provided by Christopher Steele which explains why he accepted it as truthful without making any effort to confirm its veracity.

Was it Strzok who convinced Page, who works closely with Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, to get her boss to use the dossier as evidence for a FISA warrant?

What makes all of this significantly more damning is yesterday’s plea deal where Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying under oath to federal investigators over things he did that never violated of any laws.

On the other side of that ledger is Hillary Clinton who lied through her teeth about material violations of multiple federal laws from the Espionage Act to the destruction of evidence that was made worse because that evidence had already been under subpoena. 

Because she was never put under oath by the highly partisan Strzok, who also failed to make notes of their discussions, that means she could never be subject to a similar process crime as Flynn was held to for lying to a federal agent.

How freakin’ convenient!  One set of laws for everyone else and another set of rules for the swamp monsters.