With Indictments Imminent High-Level Government Watchdogs Now Feeling Empowered to Speak Out Against Obama Administration & the Clintons

Elder Patriot – Now that President Trump’s appointees at the FBI and Solicitor General’s Office have signaled their intentions to bring indictments against high-level Obama administration officials, other government watchdogs who were silenced by threats are feeling empowered to come forward to reveal what they know.

That’s not good news for any former Obama officials but especially bad news for former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former FBI Director James Comey.

Former Inspector General for the intelligence community, Charles McCullough, was the independent watchdog assigned to oversee the handling of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation. 

McCullough had become aware that a number of the classified emails had put sources and methods, lives, and operations at grave risk but he was silenced by threats against his person, his family and his office.

Shortly after McCullough began feeling the blowback he went to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.  After that his team was marginalized.  Once McCullough saw what was happening he realized that he was now totally on his own.

McCullough, still believing in the system, even with the knowledge that he couldn’t trust DNI Clapper, sent a letter to Congress letting them know that emails contained information beyond top-secret and had been exchanged on Hillary Clinton’s personal and unsecure server.

He also realized that a cover up was underway at the highest levels of the intelligence community’s seventeen agencies of massive proportion in an effort to preserve the candidacy of what is likely the most corrupt person ever to run for the presidency.

This is when the Inspector General became aware of just how deeply involved in the swamp the entire Washington establishment had become.  He was told to shut up and was labeled an alt-right conspiracy theorist.

Within weeks McCullough was targeted by the Clinton campaign.  Emails released by WikiLeaks stood as evidence of this fact.

President Obama didn’t escape McCullough’s criticism when he suggested that if any emails were intercepted they weren’t that important anyway.  As McCullough said, there’s a reason for national security classifications and many people go to great lengths to protect that information because otherwise people get hurt and assets are compromised.

Pressure on McCullough, and another senior investigator continued mounting as Election Day neared.  They were told that they’d be the first two to be fired once Hillary took office.

In retrospect and as this deposed corrupt cabal now tries to wrest control of our government from the one man brave enough to challenge their corruption, the gravity of McCullough’s accusations cannot be overstated. 

Each government agency has an inspector general whose job it is to serve as a watchdog over that agency as a last resort when everything else breaks down and corruption takes root.

Watch this brave man’s full interview with Fox’s Catherine Herridge:

Now that the dam has burst expect a steady flow of accusations from the patriots inside the government who suffered first-hand the threats that the Obama administration allowed the Clintons to engage in in order to protect their mutual criminality.