Important Poll… More Americans Believe Obama Spied on President Trump Than Don’t

“In politics, perception is reality and the truth is negotiable.”

That pretty much sums up the Obama administration’s ability to avoid prosecution after eight years of abject malfeasance.  Obama was buoyed by a sympathetic (Marxist?) media and complicit Republicans (RINOS).

A new poll from Rasmussen indicated that Americans may have finally awakened after eight years of believing the delusion.

Obama relied on the anti-Trump, anti-America media to get passes on at least 29 scandals… 18 of those major scandals.  

As President Obama prepared to leave office, he and his mouthpieces began pushing the talking point into the public consciousness that he had a scandal-free administration.

With a new president waiting in the wings, they began intoning that “his administration hadn’t had a scandal” and the media obediently repeated it over and over again as though to rewrite history.  

All this took place while Obama was involved in the most ambitious scandal of his presidency… an effort to undermine and remove a decorated war hero from becoming National Security Advisor for the new administration, Lt. General Michael Flynn.

Even more alarming, after Flynn was successfully discredited and removed, Obama’s plan morphed into a full-blown attempt to remove a sitting president with charges of one phony scandal after another.

With the help of a compliant media he almost succeeded.  

Now, according to a recent poll, public perception of the fraud that Obama attempted finally favors President Trump.

According to the latest Just the News poll with Scott Rasmussen, “45 percent of Americans believe it was very or somewhat likely that the prior administration improperly spied on Trump, compared to 43 percent who did not. Thirteen-percent said they were unsure.”

The importance of this, from a political perspective, cannot be overstated.  

President Trump is now in a position to methodically expose the plot against General Flynn, his political associates George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, and others in Trump’s campaign team, and finally his family and the president himself.

Most importantly, the majority of Americans are now prepared to accept the revelations that will come from the evidence that’s been gleaned from the criminal investigations by U.S. Attorney John Durham.