Impeach Trump Rally Draws Only Two House Democrats

Elder Patriot – Opinion & Humor – A group of left wing radicals, obsessed with impeaching Donald Trump, the best American president since Ronald Reagan (1981-1989) and maybe the best American president ever, held a rally to present members of Congress with more than ten million signatures supporting impeachment.

Only two House members showed up.

Reps. Al Green (D-TX) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) were the only two Democrats to attend even though they had been promised more than 10,000,000 signatures on a petition demanding the impeachment of President Trump.

Not really all that impressive if you pause to consider there may be as many as 30 million illegal aliens in the United States… and they vote.

Where was Maxine “Impeach 45” Waters?

Seriously, we should be encouraging them to pursue this with more determination so that they are too preoccupied with impeachment to implement their legislative agenda that includes:

  • raising our taxes to between 70% and 90% of our earnings,
  • taxing whatever little wealth we might be able to accumulate,
  • tearing down our homes only to rebuild them to be more energy efficient,
  • doing away with all airplane travel,
  • taking away our guns,
  • raising taxes on the energy we use,
  • limiting energy production so that the cost of energy rises,
  • removing all border security,
  • directing our tax dollars to funding healthcare for anyone who makes it across those unprotected borders
  • forcing taxpayers to pay for a guaranteed minimum income for those who don’t want to work,
  • continuing to build on their evisceration of the First and Fourth Amendments,
  • continuing to turn the inhabitants of our inner cities into our dependents,
  • eliminating the Electoral College so that everyone living between the coasts can serve as colonists providing agricultural products without a say in their government
  • And, return to the good, not so, old days when they used their powers to sell every American asset that wasn’t nailed down – and some that were – to the highest foreign bidders or multinational corporation.

As expected, Green and Tlaib were joined by a host of far left organizations, including CREDO, George Soros-funded, members of the Woman’s March — including pro-Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour — and Free Speech for People.

If that reads like a roster of Marxists, well, how else would you characterize today’s Democrats.

The Hill reported:

“Tlaib introduced a resolution in late March that calls on the Judiciary Committee to investigate whether the House should impeach Trump. It currently has seven co-sponsors, most of whom signed on after the release of a partially redacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.”

“Green, meanwhile, forced two floor votes on impeachment in 2017 and 2018 while Republicans controlled the House and has threatened for months to force a third vote.”

You go, Al.  The anti-American Muslim Congresswoman is just window dressing.