IG Report Ends Dems’ Hopes of “Blue Wave” in Midterms

Elder Patriot – The Office of Inspector General released a thirty-nine page report concluding that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe violated the FBI’s  code of conduct regarding lack of candor under oath, lack of candor when not under oath, and the improper disclosure of non-public information to the media about the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

The Inspector General is Michael Horowitz.  He was appointed by Barack Obama but was prevented from performing oversight of the FBI under orders from another Obama appointee, Sally Yates.  While former Deputy Attorney General Yates is not mentioned in the report released yesterday she will be “outed” in future reports.

Because of the findings in this report,  it is now a certainty that there will be mountains more evidence of wrongdoing committed by Former FBI Director James Comey, members of his executive team, and Obama’s Department of Justice that worked in concert with Comey, McCabe, et al, in a criminal conspiracy to save Hillary Clinton from prosecution, as well as participating in a concurrent criminal conspiracy to derail Donald Trump’s candidacy and later his presidency.

Read the OIG report for yourself.  It covers only a small slice of what’s expected in the future reports. There will be no hiding from the facts as we move forward from here.

  DOJ OIG Report on Andrew McCabe – April 13th Release by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd

President Trump knows what’s coming and was frankly rather restrained when he took to Twitter after having time to review the contents of the report.

         3:36 PM – Apr 13, 2018

It’s foolish to think that President Trump doesn’t know the full extent of what’s coming.

With the OIG’s full report expected to be finalized for release sometime next month it’s likely that the next shoe to drop will fall on former FBI Director, James Comey.  Comey is mentioned 117 times in yesterday’s 39-page report.

There will likely be several interim reports following this one and prior to the full release, expected next month.  According to how the OIG have arranged their findings these will address:

  • Purposeful disposal of the Clinton email investigation including the willful participation in the destruction of evidence.
  • Perjury committed by Comey and McCabe to Congress and under oath to the IG.
  • Falsified FBI 302 report(s) at least as they pertain to the Clinton email investigation.
  • Engagement in willful politically motivated criminal corruption with co-conspirators at the highest level of the DOJ that includes deliberately misleading a FISA court with the intent of spying on the Trump campaign to benefit the Clinton campaign.
  • The “unmasking” of Americans for purely political reasons led by Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice.

The list of co-conspirators is extensive and is going to rock Washington, and the nation, to its core:

The question is why have Congressional Democrats, who have seen the initial report, still defending the leadership at the FBI and the DOJ?  They have to realize what’s coming as well.  This can mean only one thing, they are doing their best to obscure their involvement in this criminal conspiracy.

Even if that role was solely in propping up members of their own political party they have proven themselves unworthy of conducting proper oversight of the federal government.  That, alone, is an unthinkable disqualification for holding office in the future.

Do not expect a Blue wave this November.