Hypocrites: Journos Fear For Their Lives – Poor Babies Finally Walking in Our Shoes

ELDER PATRIOT – Following President Trump’s rally in Phoenix last night Axios founder Jim VandeHei tweeted: “To family/friends who support Trump: what he said last night about reporters was despicable, extremely deceptive, dangerous.”

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd jined VandeHei: “Whether POTUS means it or not, I don’t know, but this could motivate a crazy.  Dangerous rhetoric. Sad how few elected officials condemn it.”

Tom Namako of Buzzfeed tweeted “Who will Donald Trump blame when a journalist gets severely injured or worse by someone acting in his name?” 

Similar reactions to Trump’s speech in defense of himself came from the Atlantic’s James Fallows, ABC’s Cecilia Vega, CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto, and CNN’s Brian Stelter to name just a few.

CNN reporter Chris Cillizza inadvertently summed up how the rest of us feel about the consequences of their irresponsible reporting:

“That is dangerous rhetoric. It just is. It is dangerous. Something is going to happen.  You cannot vilify the media like this. I know I’m a reporter, but you cannot do this with any profession and expect no consequences.”

Talk about the height of hypocrisy! 

Just ask the widows and families of the police who were assassinated following the rhetoric of BLM that was never condemned by these self-appointed moralist defenders of everything anti-American from radical Islam to the anarchist groups Antifa, La Raza, Puente Human Rights Movement, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF,) the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and Black Lives Matter that have spread violence everywhere from Ferguson, to Baltimore, Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, to Washington D.C. after the president’s inauguration, to Berkeley, to Charlottesville, and now to Phoenix…again.

Maybe these soi disants of morality and acceptable speech can explain to me why their rhetoric has people afraid to wear a Make America Great Again hat, or a Trump-Pence 2020 T-shirt?

Maybe if these MSM journos are as sensitive to their safety as they have helped make us to ours, they will temper their defense of the D.C. swamp and quiet some of the violence coming from the extreme Left.

President Obama’s Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who the MSM breathlessly defended during the 2008 campaign, had the perfect phrase for the backlash the MSM now finds itself being confronted with:  “The chickens are coming home to roost.”

Patriotic Americans didn’t appreciate Tokyo Rose or Baghdad Bob either.