Hypocrisy – See Through the Mainstream Media or Forever Live Under the Boot of Tyranny

ELDER PATRIOT – Last night at the Republican convention New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie laid out the case against Hillary Clinton’s reckless disregard of the laws protecting America’s most vital secrets.  The delegates responded as one and began chanting, “Lock her up!”

Some commentators have found this “over the top” by explaining that as Americans we don’t lock up our political enemies.  The fallacy in this thinking is that Hillary Clinton doesn’t simply hold different political views from us.  It has already been demonstrated that she has breached numerous federal laws.

No matter how FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch came to their tortured decision to give Mrs. Clinton a get out of jail free card, she has committed at least two gross violations of federal law and almost assuredly another.

Comey himself acknowledged, while making his decision known to the American people and again in front of Congress, that she grossly violated the Espionage Act a crime that carries with it a ten-year prison term.

During the course of his questioning before Congress, Comey confirmed that the former Secretary of State had either lied to his investigators or had lied to Congress but that he didn’t see fit to investigate her conflicting statements without being asked.  Since when does the FBI wait to be asked to investigate criminal wrongdoing?  Federal law 18 USC § 1621 states that anyone found guilty of the crime of perjury will be fined or imprisoned for up to five years.

Finally, despite overwhelming circumstantial evidence suggesting that Mrs. Clinton leveraged her position at the State Department in exchange for tens of millions of dollars in foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, Director Comey didn’t pursue investigating this potentially devastating area of wrongdoing, either.  A personal slush fund such as the evidence suggests in this case would carry with it multiple federal felony charges that would total decades of prison time if a conviction was to be proven in court.

There is a difference between using the courts to silence our opponents as the Democrats have suggested doing to those scientists who they’ve labeled “climate deniers,” and convicting and penalizing those who brazenly and knowingly violate existing federal law for their personal enrichment. 

If we can’t tell the difference, or if we’ve lost our stomach for doing what’s necessary to discourage future politicians from leveraging their positions in a similar manner, then we no longer have a republic representative of the common man.

For some reason we have grown to expect less from those who seek the public trust than we do from ordinary citizens when it comes to abiding by the laws of the land.

The current administration has stridently applied the laws to civilian offenders of perjury and espionage.  Because they do not hold their political allies to the same standards, the people are left to wonder if this administration’s only reason for prosecuting civilian violators is because they’ve encroached on what they consider to be their private turf.

In the same vein, foreign governments must know there will be penalties for illegal intrusions into the way that our government works and for their attempts to use their money to influence our elections.

The delegates on the floor of the Republican convention got it right last night, we must start holding our politicians accountable to the same laws the rest of us are held to.

Getting elected to a position of public trust should not carry with it exemption from the law.