Huh? U.S. Experiences Massive Job, Wage, GDP Growth in 2018 But DOW Loses 9.6%

Elder Patriot – Over the past 12 months two economic indicators have emerged that expose the Obama administration’s reliance on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) as the definitive measure of America’s financial well-being as deceptive and fraudulent.

Yesterday the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its report on the numbers of jobs created in the past 12 months.  

Total 2018 growth in U.S. jobs, year over year, through November was 2,617,000 new jobs.  Astounding!

This data comes on the heels of record low unemployment, real wage growth for the first time in almost three decades, booming GDP growth, and record government revenues despite the lower tax rates that leftists told us would starve the government.

There’s virtually no economic indicator pointing downwards.

So, if everything is so great with the economy why is the DJIA down almost 10% since the first trading day of the year?

The short answer is because the stock market isn’t a measure of “We the People’s” relative financial health, it’s an indicator of the financial strength of those who seek to lord over our financial situation for their own profit.

To those who consider themselves our masters the markets measure their outlook for their future accumulation of wealth, and not yours.  

Among their primary goals are reduced or contained wages, access to cheap money, and continued government largesse.

Immigration in all its forms, but especially illegal immigration places downward pressure on wages (bad for us) and results in increased profits (good for them).

We are watching this death struggle play itself out in the Senate right now.  Donald Trump against the multinational corporate death star that wants serfs not employees.  

As to the other two – access to cheap money (Fed funds borrowing rate) and government largesse (corporate welfare) – multinational corporate analysts can see the handwriting on the wall.

Those gigs are up or about to be up.

Fed Chairman Powell has closed the cheap money spigot and the markets have reacted by shedding 6.5% in only one week.

Then there’s the incoming Democrat-controlled House that may well meet a spending roadblock from the president who is likely to demand an actual budget for the first time since the Obama election.  If that were to happen decades of taxpayer-funded corporate welfare will be exposed.

We all have been told that the markets hate uncertainty.  What that means is those who bet on the performance of stocks like sure things – for much the same reason bookies engage in point-shaving schemes.

Now that his sworn Democrat enemies are preparing to take command of the House, and the government’s pursestrings that goes with that, if Trump makes demands for an actual budget the multinational elites will have nothing close to a sure thing when it comes to guaranteeing their continued feasting on our tax dollars.

Finally, there’s the one-sided trade deals that, along with the other factors cited above, paved the way for trillions of dollars in wealth extrication from the United States.

All of this has resulted in $22T in operational debt and 10 times that amount in unfunded liabilities.  The next time some liberal tries telling you we’re the richest nation on earth hit them with the fact that all of this progressivism has left us passing a quarter of a quadrillion dollars in debt onto our children and grandchildren.

It’s time to ask yourself if you’re ready for this fight because when it comes to the mercenary propaganda media, you ain’t seen nothing yet.